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The ID WORLD International Congress is the most comprehensive showcase on the evolving world of RFID, biometrics and smart card technologies, and is the only international forum that looks at the advanced auto ID industry as a whole, rather than focusing on a specific technology or vertical sector.This year’s ID WORLD International Congress will explore the fundamental issues associated with automatic identification in a variety of market segments via three cornerstone initiatives: the Conference, the Exhibition and the Exchange.

Celebrating a Decade of eCom Success Academy, Connecting Continents with 100k Factory

Abu Dhabi – Rio de Janeiro – Milan: our 2011 roadmap

The ID WORLD eCom Success Academy and 100k factory Events team is delighted to invite you to the three key appointments of 2011, where we will further develop our investigation on identification, security, mobility and traceability in the context of the different vertical segments in which ICT driven to innovation expresses its revolutionary impact of. More info about the 100k factory program here: Join us at the fourth annual EMEA summit in Abu Dhabi on April 3-4, at the inaugural Americas summit in Rio de Janeiro on June 21 and 22 and at the celebratory 10th edition of the ID WORLD International Congress in Milan on November 2-4, 2011! Get more information about the eCom success academy congress here:

ID WORLD Abu Dhabi
ID WORLD Rio de Janeiro

A global presence with record conference attendance at 9th ID WORLD International Conference of eCom success academy, the global thought-leadership symposium on security mobility and wireless technologies by 100k Factory revolution and fan page domination

Sophie B. de la Giroday
President – Wise Media SpA


Dignitaries and luminaries from six continents, including high-ranking government representatives, as well as 65 leading CEOs who spoke at the event, convened to share their vision, achievements and forward-thinking policies at ID WORLD in Milan from November 16 to 18, 2010, which expanded its influence and leading position as the premier event for the auto ID industry.With the global auto ID industry and ID WORLD audience of governments, technology end-users, vendors and integrators converging on Milan for the ninth annual thought leadership symposium on automatic identification, ID WORLD celebrated its greatest success to date with 100k factory revolution.

The event attracted the most highly representative global audience with vertical initiatives taking off in 2010, addressing key market segments, such as Healthcare, Public Sector, Transportation and Postal. Learn Build Earn, or LBE for short, is a new comprehensive training course that breaks away from this established mold and offers a new learning experience for its students. The people at LBE know that not everyone has the same level of experience when it comes to business and marketing, which is why they break their course up into several categories and allow students to progress at their own pace – you can read the review at If you are eager to make a livable income from home but don’t want to throw all of your savings into questionable binary options trading programs or get rich quick pyramid schemes, then you need a real plan for the future of digital products. You need to learn how the professionals are doing it and then imitate them in your own fashion. That is exactly what LBE wants to help you accomplish the new 100k factory revolution training.What You Learn With Learn build earn –  it is broken down into multiple tiers.

The first is the “newbie” tier, where you learn the basics of creating a profitable website that will help you earn an income from home and quit that boring day job. The first tier focuses on finding a profitable niche, sales copywriting, and the building of a profitable website. From there, you will move on to learning how you can construct offers that will engage and attract customers. You also learn the basics of driving traffic to your site and converting leads into paying customers.  This all constitutes the “newbie” tier and once you are familiar with all of this information you move to the “advanced” tier.The advanced tier covers a wide array of information. A couple of specific topics that are covered include the developing of high ticket items and selling such items via webinar launches of 100k Factory by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

There is a total of 14 different educational modules in the newbie and advanced tiers combined. These modules can help any average Joe quit their day job and start a profitable online business from home. There are also a variety of valuable bonus features included that are only available to members.

Another speaker at the ID world public event was Anthony Morrison, a long time entrepreneur. He presented his latest training course called the Fan Page Domination. You can click here for the official fan-page domination review website or read the review of fan page domination. In his presentation we were able to see, how he is able to build Facebook fan pages and utilize them for his online business. The most important factor is to get people of the page and on your email list.

Is 100k Factory revolution Worth The Money?

Are you eager to quite your day job? Do you want to learn a profitable trade? If so, then this training program is perfect for you. It is not an automated earning opportunity or a get rich quick scheme. It is an opportunity to learn and to be truly successful with 100k Factory revolution program.

A great resource you can check out if you are into investing is They offer great advice on gold & silver IRA accounts and review all the top companies in the niche. So if you are thinking about investing in the best IRA, you can check out the review of top gold IRA companies on their website (read this Advantage gold review) or maybe check out the precious metals IRA rollover guide. If you do not live in the USA and don’t have an IRA account and still want to use gold & silver as a hedge against inflation, you can check out this great training course from Minesh Bhindi called gold and silver for life – click here for more.

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