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Carlo Maria Medaglia

Coordinator of the RFID Lab “Sapienza” – University of Rome

Speaks at ID WORLD on Wireless Identification

Mr. Carlo Maria Medaglia is the Coordinator of the RFID Lab of “Sapienza”, University of Rome. Since 1999, Mr. Medaglia has been working at several international research institutions around the world as ISAC-CNR (Institute for Atmospheric Sciences and Climate),NASA (National Atmospheric and Space Administration), ESA (European Space Agency), NOA (National Observatory of Athens) and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). He is currently is working as consultant in the RFID/Wireless Group of the CNIPA (National Center for Informatics in the Public Administration), as full professor at Mass Communication / Computer Sciences Department of University of Rome “La Sapienza” and as director of the research Labs at CATTID (Centre for Television Applications and Distance Learning Techniques) He has more than 70 contribution in peer reviewed journal and conference proceedings His principle research activities are RFID, Geolocalization and mobile communication.

Mr. Carlo Medaglia has a degree in physics from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy, and a PhD in Remote Sensing and Telecommunication in the Engineering faculty of University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy in 2004.

“The FP6 STOLPAN project: building up a European NFC ecosystem”

In order to develop an open architecture for the development, deployment and use of NFC-enabled applications in mobile handsets, the European Commission and Information Society Technologies (IST) program has funded a three-year project called StoLPaN (Store Logistics and Payment with NFC). The project includes a pan-European consortium of companies, universities and user groups and the main purpose is to turn NFC enabled mobile handsets into multifunction terminals with bi-directional interaction between the wireless NFC interface and mobile communication channels and to demonstrate the use of this generally applicable new technology in the retail logistical value chain, and also in mobile payment, ticketing and other use cases. In order to do that, the StoLPaN project proposes a general J2ME Host environment that will enable NFC mobile handsets to run various business applications making use of the same NFC interface. The described technology developments will be demonstrated in a smart retail environment, where customers will be able to make purchases, pay and check-out using the NFC enabled smart devices, greatly reducing shopping time and increasing store capacity with world online

CATTID’s involvement into the StoLPaN project focuses on the usability studies during the smart retail demonstration and the contribution will also focus on these usability results, obtained on the first set of StoLPaN NFC-based applications.

Speaking on November 18

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