ID WORLD International Congress: Alberto Sanna

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Dr. Alberto Sanna

e-Services for Life & Health Manager – Scientific Institute San Raffaele

Speaks at ID WORLD on Healthcare @ ID WORLD

Dr. Alberto Sanna is R&D and Business Development Manager of the “e-Services for Life and Health” Unit at the H San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan, Italy, a role that sees him responsible for the design and development of innovative and trusted healthcare services, and related business models, based on personalized medicine.

Dr. Sanna’s areas of expertise include healthcare process re-engineering and vertical integration in the domains of clinical laboratory analyses and pharmaceutical treatments, with a specific expertise in ICT design for maximizing patient safety and privacy, hospital risk management and supply chain efficiency.

Among his other roles, Dr. Sanna has been a professor in “Information technologies for Proactive Patient Safety Management” at CINEAS in Milan since 2004, and has taught “Intelligent and mobile systems for Innovative Services” at the Information Science Department at the University of Insubria since the same year. Dr. Sanna originally joined the San Raffaele Scientific Institute in 1991 after graduating in Nuclear Engineering.

“Innovative services available to consumers and patients, based on the traceability and unequivocal identification of food and pharma products”

The speech will address the issue of promotion of healthier and more ecosustainable lifestyles, and the related innovative business models, based on real time Consumer/Patient awareness.

Thanks to personal and shared devices, profile-based web services accessing food and pharma digital information at the point-of-sale/point-of-use provide real time, personalized and context sensitive information for Consumer/Patient empowerment and life style changes, in particular in the cases of nutrition (Food & Beverage) and pharmaceutical therapy compliance.

Experience on the topic will be shared as a result of hands-on activities in European R&D projects such as:

PREVE – Prevention of diseases: key role of Consumer/Patient awareness;

PIPS – Personalized Information Platform for Life and Health Services: R&D technological platform developed for service delivery at the supermarkets and at home with a particular focus on innovative business models and Citizen privacy.


Speaking on November 18

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