ID WORLD International Congress: Andras Vilmos

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András Vilmos

Project Manager – StoLPaN

Speaks at ID WORLD on Future of Mobile

András Vilmos, Managing Director of SafePay Systems Ltd. and Project Manager of StoLPaN, has pursued a long carrier in corporate finance.

In the past few years Mr. Vilmos was actively involved in the development of mobile financial applications as well as in the implementation of NFC technology.

As Project Manager of StoLPaN, a project supported by the European Commission, Mr. Vilmos coordinated the research and development activity of the international consortium to establish an open platform mobile NFC application for the support of a wide range of contactless services.

Presently Mr. Vilmos is involved in the preparation of multiple NFC pilot operations in the fields of transport, loyalty and retail operations.

Mr. Vilmos holds patents related to electronic transactions and is the author of a number of publications on the topic of “e” and “m” payments and NFC services.

“The need for open interoperability in the NFC ecosystem”

We expect that users will be able to store all kinds of contactless (NFC) applications from various service providers in their handsets, as well as they will be able to collect and process information from different smart objects. Service discovery, provisioning and operation of services will be completely dynamic and flexible with customers controlling their own specific service portfolio, adding and removing any applications as they individually prefer.

A full-fledged NFC service environment can only be realized based on high level interoperability, thus ensuring that a large number of independent, ad hoc parties can seamlessly communicate and interact with each other based on known and generally accepted technical specifications, operating rules, service guidelines and standards.

In the ideal world users do not have to worry about who their service provider is, how it will provision the application because a simple transparent process will lead to a notice on the mobile handset that the application is loaded and the service may be used.

Simultaneously service providers, or their TSMs should not care who the mobile network operator of their customers are, who controls the secure element in their handsets, but through standardized procedures all information can be collected and the necessary storage space can be acquired on the secure element of the customers, where the application can be loaded over the air with uniform, standardized procedures.

The presentation will identify all key factors that effect the large scale introduction of the NFC technology and will assess the requirements and conditions that need to be realized in order to establish a sound environment for real commercial NFC deployments.


Speaking on November 17

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