ID WORLD International Congress: Anka Bolka

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Anka Bolka

Acting director of Health insurance card system sector – Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (HIIS)

Speaks at ID WORLD on Healthcare Innovation

Anka Bolka started her career in informatics and developement in economy. She has been now been involved in the development of the Slovenian health insurance card system at Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia for more than 10 years. She has led several projects regarding the upgrade of the card system, including a comprehensive renovation of the whole card system in the last two years. She is cooperating in national projects of informatics in the healthcare system. Lately, she has also been participating in the extensive Slovene national eHealth project.


Informatisation has been bringing important, quick and extensive changes into the healthcare environment for years. On the one hand, integration of systems brings numerous, financially measurable advantages, and on the other hand, personal information in such systems becomes more vulnerable. Providing secure patients’ and professionals’ identification in the system and personal information protection are therefore the permanent tasks of informatisation. These topics are becoming a challenge from the legal, organisational, technical and financial standpoints.

The Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia made a particularly important developmental step of healthcare informatics in Slovenia by introducing the national health insurance card system in 2000. The system was upgraded in 2010 with the introduction of a card based on public key infrastructure, and with the establishment of an on-line system in which providers can get all necessary information directly from databases instead of from the cards.

Consequently, Slovene citizens are all equipped and familiar with the use of smart cards in health care. Each health professional (i.e. doctor, pharmacist, nurse) uses his/her own (personal) health professional card to access patients’ health insurance and health data. For time being data are accessible by the health care professionals only, using professional and citizens’ card simultaneously.

Establishing mentioned infrastructure and processes Slovenia has gained important experience in the field of secure personal identification and information protection, which is going to be considered in envisaged further solutions.



Speaking on November 3

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