ID WORLD International Congress: Antti Korhonen

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Antti Korhonen

President & CEO – Ekahau

Speaks at ID WORLD on Healthcare @ ID WORLD

Antti has over 20 years of experience in high tech and IT industries in international sales, marketing and executive leadership, and has been leading Ekahau worldwide operations for 9 years now. Prior to joining Ekahau, Antti worked at Vaisala Inc., Boston, MA, USA, as a General Manager of Vaisala’s Industrial Business Division for North-America. Prior to Vaisala, Antti has worked in several management and leadership positions in companies such as Government Research Institute VTT, Computer 2000, and Western Digital Corporation. Antti holds a B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science, from Oulu University Finland, and is a graduate of the GBEP Advanced Business Management program from MIT/Sloan, Cambridge, MA.

“People and asset ID supported by real-time location data, indoor and outdoor – Active RFID/RTLS solutions in 2010”

Any average size hospital has thousands of mobile medical equipment that need to be found daily for clinical care and periodic maintenance. In a multi building campus, the continuous challenge has traditionally been in locating particular equipment fast enough for patient care or maintenance. Tagging equipment with wireless RTLS tags for real-time location and ID helps locating these assets immediately when needed.

The same hospital has hundreds of patients that go through the hospital internal process daily. But how efficient is that process? Where and what stage are these patients at any given moment? Tagging patients with wireless RTLS wristband tags for location and ID helps locating these patients real-time. With improved visibility to the patient flow, the patient care process and the overall efficiency are significantly improved.

At the same time, staff members are caring several patients per day, and can find themselves in situations, sometimes in emergency, where they need help. Staff tracking with a wireless RTLS staff “badge” for nurses and other staff members comes to help. With an integrated emergency call function and text messaging, RTLS staff badge improves the staff safety and quality of patient care.

This session explores the RTLS technology, and its benefits, using the healthcare market as an example. Related use cases and technology comparisons will be discussed.


Speaking on November 18

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