ID WORLD International Congress: Ashok Bhanaut

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Ashok Bhanaut

Chairman – Genkey

Speaks at ID WORLD on CEO & Investors Forum

Mr. Bhanaut is the Chairman of Genkey focusing on the markets in India and Africa. Mr. Bhanaut was born in Mombasa, Kenya.

He has worked with IBM for 27 years. In his last 10 years with IBM, he held various executive and technical architecture positions at European and global levels, working in various countries (US, UK, France and The Netherlands).

In his last role with IBM, he created and headed an Architecture and Technology Innovations group in The Netherlands. The group performed research, innovation and pilot activities in leading edge technologies and business processes and collaborates with many Dutch Universities and IBM laboratories across the world.

Prior to this, Mr. Bhanaut worked was the head of IT IBM EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) in Paris where he managed the architecture of all the business applications and infrastructure for IBM Europe, Middle East and Africa. The key areas were implementing Lotus Notes, SAP and Siebel products across the organization and he was the owner of Infrastructure & technology architecture for EMEA.

Before working in Paris, he was in the office of The CIO at IBM Headquarters in New York, being responsible for Business Transformation and Infrastructure for IBM internal systems Worldwide, including defining IBM’s IT strategy, architecture and business transformation at a worldwide level.

His passion is to working with young people, globally and sharing his experience in Technology, IT Architectures and Management.

His hobbies are reading, walking and getting connected to people, globally, trying to make our planet a flat world.

Mr. Bhanaut is married with two children.

Mr. Bhanaut has studied in Africa, India and UK and holds University degrees in physics, chemistry and mathematics.

“Delhi (India) rickshaw project”

The rickshaw business in Delhi, India is flourishing. With 200,000 individual drivers on the streets, rickshaw transportation is a way of life for many, and one of Delhi’s most popular tourist attractions. Rickshaws are also a vital entrepreneurship for Delhi’s working class, allowing individuals to own and operate their own small, mobile businesses.

In order to ensure that rickshaw operators are properly licensed, pay taxes and take part in benefit programs, the government of Delhi needed to create a secure, reliable and effective method of linking each registered operator to their proper rickshaw.

The objective was also to prevent the ’rickshaw mafia’ from dominating the market and exploiting underpaid drivers. The first step was to create a law requiring all rickshaw operators to be legally licensed. The authorities partnered with GenKey to register each rickshaw operator biometrically.

As needed, law enforcement is able conduct random license checks matching the Public barcode Key with the Private Key unique to each rickshaw driver’s fingerprint.

In India & Africa, GenKey is engaged in the areas of Drivers Licenses, Auto Vehicle registration, Gun registration, Education, Aviations, Access Control, and Healthcare.

GenKey Corporation is a global provider of Biometric Identity Solutions with offices on 4 continents. It has offices in US, The Netherlands, India, and Ghana.

GenKey is a breakthrough in Identity Management Solutions. GenKey scans the fingerprint of a person and applies a one-way cryptographic transform to generate a Public Key – a number that is represented as a barcode on any Identity paper like a rickshaw driver’s identification card. The data storage requirement may be as small as 25 bytes for a 2 finger verification key enabling privacy enhanced, high security within a low cost identify management infrastructure

Genkey makes biometric authentication solutions available to new markets and user groups in countries like India and Africa.

Speaking on November 16

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