ID WORLD International Congress: Barry J. Kefauver

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Barry J. Kefauver

Principal – Fall Hill Associates

Speaks at ID WORLD on Citizen ID

A senior level executive with 30 years of U.S. Government experience, Mr. Kefauver is Principal of his own consulting firm, Fall Hill Associates, LLC. He also has served as Adjunct Professor at the University of Mary Washington, teaching international business. Prior to this, he was Managing Director, Secure Document Systems for Intergraph and Vice President of Statistica International. His last job in the US Government was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Passport Services at the U.S. Department of State. He has chaired many international fora, including the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Work Group on New Technologies, as well as within the International Standards Organization (ISO). He has degrees from Dickinson College, The American University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“The foundations of identity management: evidence of identity”

A number of countries have devoted tremendous work and money to implementing or are planning to implement advanced machine readable and electronic passport programs. These initiatives are already paying dividends in terms of return on investment with respect to the integrity of the passport as a travel document of high security. That same success is accompanied by increased pressures and recognition of these pressures on all of the attending systems and activities that issue and inspect these documents. While all who are in the passport business know clearly that in life nothing is perfect, there is a growing awareness that conscious and determined effort to identify the risks in issuing and inspecting travel documents, in particular passports, and then defining ways in which those risks might be mitigated and managed. Among the most vulnerable and troubling are the threats inherent in the ways in which evidence of identity foundations are assessed and adjudicated. Sometimes known merely as “Breeder Documents”, these areas also include civil registry systems, interfaced databases, social footprint and others. This session seeks to address all of these areas, some of the risks and some of the ways to manage those risks.

Speaking on November 18

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