ID WORLD International Congress: Bertus Pretorius

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Bertrus Pretorius

System Architect and Chief Researcher – iDocTrust

Speaks at ID WORLD on Wireless Identification

Bertus Pretorius is an enterprise/system architect with a very strong technical and business background. He has successfully mapped business and technology into new companies and operations which include Payment Systems, Information and Communication Security and Intelligent Transport Systems. Bertus is an acclaimed speaker and is acknowledged for his ability to coach, educate and train on complex matters, with a focus to design and create efficient and effective operations. He is an outstanding team builder for research, development and operations.

Mr. Pretorius specialises in the use of Automated Identification and Encryption (specifically Public Key Technologies) creating service measurement mechanisms in the prevention and detection of crime and fraud. His focus is on making the human activity visible in workflow. He has successfully taken many products from conception to the market. He has vast experience in the ICT security, banking, safety and security, sport and supply chain markets.

Mr. Pretorius is highly involved in international standards and regulatory processes. He has been the chairman of the SABS SC71H WG4 (Electronic Vehicle Identification) and SABS SC71K (ISO/IEC JTC1/31 – ISO Automated Identification and Data Capture) since 2004, where he represents South Africa in the important standards decisions on RFID, Real Time Location Systems and Barcodes.


The paperless world has simply not been realised. Many rights are still granted and protected through a paper document. We call these documents a Document of Value or DoV. Examples are:

• Company registration documents

• Tax certificates

• School certificates

• Vehicle licenses and certificates

• Number plates

New copying and production techniques have reduced the ability of physical security marks to provide integrity to a physical document. This has led to wholesale copying, manipulation and illegal creation of DoVs. In many cases the blank secured paper is simply stolen and used to create DoVs. The digital world’s response is to store everything in databases, but these data bases are often inaccessible or simply not trusted. This is mostly true in the 3rd and developing worlds. In fact, Africa runs on paper. Most people in Africa still require the document or a legal copy of a document as real proof of identity and rights.

The combinations of RFID, Barcodes and X.509 public key encryption provide an innovative way to create high integrity paper documents which can be verified offline using a smartphone.

A reduced Digital Signature carried within a barcode provides source and content integrity. Copying detection can be achieved by adding RFID tag to the document. The offline verification and data interoperability are achieved by using the X.509 Digital Certificate not only to carry the verification key, but also an XML context verification schema, allowing efficient verification interoperability between non-connected systems, typically found on the African continent. The occurrence of trade corridor inefficiencies and corruption is a result of the lack of interoperable systems and trusted information in the work flow. The requirement to create digital signatures within a trusted third party creates a much needed way to control the document issuing point.

This paper discusses the proposed South African Automated Identification Digital Signature Standard and its use.



Speaking on November 2

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