ID WORLD International Congress: Brig. Saleem Ahmed Moeen

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Brig. Saleem Ahmed Moeen

CEO – SecureTech Consultancy

Speaks at ID WORLD on Secure Identification

Saleem Ahmed Moeen served in the army for thirty years and attended post graduate training courses in Telecommunications, Automobiles, Armaments, Radar, IT and Missile technology.

Mr. Moeen was the chairman of National Database &Registration Authority (NADRA) Pakistan from August 2001 to August 2008. During his tenure, he designed and implemented the National ID Card system including the Interactive Multi Biometric Data Acquisition methodology. The end to end system has been instrumental in registering more than 94 million citizens and issuing more than 66.0 million Multi Biometric ID cards in less than seven years. He also designed and supervised the implementation of the world’s first Multi Biometric MRP. He was awarded the “Star of Excellence” by the Government of Pakistan for Public Service and the Outstanding Achievement Award for Secure Documentation by the ID World International Congress, Rome in 2005. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineer and a Masters degree in Strategic Studies.

Presently he is the CEO of SecureTech Consultancy. The UAE & Pakistan based Company draws on his experience in implementing ID Cards, e-Passports, Border Control, Data Integration, Evaluation of Biometric Technologies, RFID based Systems like e-Driving licence, Vehicle Identification & Tracking Systems, e-Toll, Access Control, Office Automation and related e-Governance projects.

“Challanges of taking the ID card into the next level”

The most effective protection against malicious attempts at breaching security requires physical and cyber security to be developed and managed under a comprehensive strategy in sync with each other. The capability of either security component is undermined when it is managed exclusive from the other leaving vulnerable gaps. Cyber security is incomplete if systems are left open to physical attacks; conversely physical security systems are increasingly dependent on electronic and networked controls requiring a robust security strategy that simultaneously covers the mutually interdependent cyber and physical security components. This is especially vital when meeting the challenges of managing security across geographically diverse locations or operating multiple/ distributed systems on a single platform. A number of options are available to develop a holistic and comprehensive security cover that is integrated and built in from the start as part of the ID card program.

The challenge is to integrate the smart card, the Certification Authority, thin clients, encryption technology, RFID technology, multi modal Biometrics, access control both for persons and vehicles etc. We will discuss some aspects that are essential for creating a security umbrella that spans from cyber to physical security systems for state of the art ID programs.


Speaking on November 16

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