ID WORLD International Congress: Celio Ribeiro

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Celio Ribeiro

Executive President – Abrid – Brazilian Association of Digital Identification Technology Companies

Speaks at ID WORLD on Citizen Centric Services

Célio Ribeiro is Founder and Executive-President of the Brazilian Association of the Digital Identification Technology Company – Abrid. He has been acting intensely in the past years, in a collaborative way, along with the federal government organs for the implantation of the Civil Identity Registration – RIC, which provides all Brazilians, without distinction, the guarantee of their citizenship through a safe identification.

During the last 25 years, Célio Ribeiro has been taking part in countless projects in the identification area along with state organs, Federal District and the Federal Government. Having a degree in law, Célio Ribeiro, 44 years old, initiated his career in the Brazilian subsidiary of Thomas de La Rue, being then hired by the American Bank Note, both multinational printing companies, where he occupied several prominent positions. He became director of the company at the age of 30. He has founded and assumed the presidency of Unicert, company in the segment of digital certification, where he has remained for two years, having then taken the corporate business direction of Certisign, also in the segment of digital certification. In January 2006 he assumed the project direction – GD Burti Government, subsidiary in Brazil of the German Gieseck & Devrient, one of the biggest companies in the world in the manufacturing of safety documents. Manager partner of CR Consultancy in Identification Projects, independent consultancy company, where he develops and takes part in important projects in the digital identification area.

“Public-private cooperation guarantees modernization and security to Brazilians’ identity”

The Brazilian Association of Digital Identification Technology Companies (ABRID) is a non-profit organization, supporting projects in the area of digital identification. Funded by Célio Ribeiro in 2007, the entity currently congregates 39 companies active in the area of smart cards, digital certification, biometric identification, among others. They are companies which have their headquarters in Brazil and operate in several countries in the world.

ABRID seeks for the dialogue between associated companies and different spheres of the government. The result of this partnership is the development of projects which represents growth for the companies and, at the same time, guarantees safety and citizenship to Brazilians. The Civil Identity Registration (RIC) is an example of a project that is being implanted with the effective support of the Association.

RIC was discussed for 13 years and is part of the National Identification Program in Brazil. The Law which institutes it is from 1997 and the regulation was signed this year by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. The first cards will start being issued in December. By 2018, all of the Brazilians will have the new identity card. It will mean about 160 million documents.

The program will be the largest in the world and will use the most recent identification technology: a smart card made of policarbonate with two chips, standard ICAO contactless and multi application contact with match on card (MoC) and PKI. It utilizes laser engraving. The emission of smart cards will be held upon research in the AFIS system and all of the cards will have digital certification.

It’s by supporting projects like RIC that ABRID represents its associates before authorities and the Brazilian society and, in the institutional area, guarantees quality and security in the entrepreneurial and public settings. This way, it takes parts in the national development actively.

Speaking on November 17

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