ID WORLD International Congress: Chip Security

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Chip Security

Smart technology and its place in the e-world

The chip is the brain of any smart form factor. It holds and protects credentials that can be used to authenticate a user in a sensitive transaction. Intelligence and memory space are crucial, so how can the technology work to optimize performance in today’s e-centric environments, for commerce, provision of services and ID? How can the industry inspire end-user confidence that all Internet-based and face-to-face information exchanges are safe and secure?

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Smart technology and its place in the e-world

Chairman: Rainer Rettig, President – Are Con

– Gisela Meister, Head of Tech. Consulting R&D – Standardisation Mgr. C-TO – G&DDevelopments in standards for eIDs

– Peter Schmallegger, Head of eGovernment Marketing – NXP
New generation of Ics for eGovernment applications – a new level off transaction speed, security and functionality for multi-application

– Peter Kronegger, General Manager – Kronegger
Degrading RFID security – What keys will be broken next?

– Eva van Niekerk, Security Evaluator – Brightsight
Key issues regarding privacy and security in e-passports

– Humberto Moran, CEO – Friendly Technologies
Silent tags: a simple solution for the complex problem of RFID security!

End of Conference Sessions

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