ID WORLD International Congress: Citizen Centric Services

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Citizen Centric Services

Focus: Large Scale Citizen ID Schemes for Multi-tiered Service Provision

ICT can be used as an open tool of communication by people to access instantly, the various information and services offered by the Government. ID documents are the enabler of secure communication between governments and citizens and also a tool for democratization of services to citizens. There are numerous ID schemes in place around the world, with major challenges being met by countries with high population figures and densities, where social relevance is a key driver for identifying citizens. In addition, governments need to work with all public and private service providers, where ID is a necessary tool for accessing money, products and services, to ensure schemes offer the most complete service for citizens.

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Insights into Social Implications of Citizen ID Schemes

– Tariq Malik, Deputy Chairman – Nat. Database & Registration Authority, Pakistan
National identity system: a catalyst for social reforms

– Gerardo Solís, Magistrate President – Electoral Tribunal, Panama
The right to identity and its resulting right to vote

– Mohamed Al Amer, President – Central Informatics Organisation, Bahrain
Reaping the benefits of the smart ID card and the population registration

– MD Shafiqul Islam, Former Military Secretary – Bangladesh Army
From paper to e-ID: the journey of biometric citizen’s database of Bangladesh

– Bo Gustafson, President – DataGrid
Small satellite clusters for a secured ID and land management system




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