ID WORLD International Congress: Citizen ID

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Citizen ID

Public and private e-services: orchestrating alliances for the public good

All around the globe, national and local government agencies who deploy citizen ID documents that enable intelligent services for citizens, are working with both public and private sector organizations, such as postal operators, who are becoming an essential component of e-government, e-commerce, and security.

What are the state-of-the-art solutions that allow these alliances to orchestrate and satisfy the demands of customers and businesses, while maintaining national security and protection against identity theft? Which e-government services and applications are supported by current eID programs?


The roadmap for government driven ID programs


Public and Private e-Services
Border Control

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Session 1 – Public and Private e-Services

Chairman: Andreas Wolf, Senior Product Architect – Bundesdruckerei

– Barry J. Kefauver, Principal – Fall Hall Associates
The foundations of identity management: evidence of identity

– Sverre Bauck, Senior Advisor – Agency for Public Management and eGovernment
eID for digitally signed business documents

– Maurizio Carlin, IT Director – Municipality of Venice
An IT platform for Smart Cities: eServices in Venice

– Detlef Houdeau, Senior Director – Infineon Technologies
National eID and travel function in Europe: convergence or divergence?

Coffee Break

Session 2 – Border Control

Chairman: Tim Cockerell, Director – Wise Media Consulting

– Franco Caraffi, Reservation & On Board Systems Director – Costa Crociere
Securing the passenger experience through ID credentialing and tracking

– Bento Correia, President & CEO – Vision-Box
Automated self-service verification and authentication of passengers’ identities at the border

– Stefano Dolci, BHS Manager – SEA Milan Airports
RFID-empowered traceability in airports

– Jan Boen, Vice President of Business Development – EyeDPro
Security beyond the borders of a single technology – Accurate vision gives better results

– Flavio Daffara, Business Development Manager – Oridao
An innovative UHF RFID secured traceability architecture for life cycle authentication

End of Conference Sessions

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