ID WORLD International Congress: David Hudelson

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David Hudelson

President – InfoSight

Speaks at ID WORLD on Asset Tracking

Mr. G. David Hudelson has been President and COO of InfoSight Corp. since 2000. Prior to joining InfoSight, Mr. Hudelson had various engineering and leadership roles spanning Research & Development, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, and International Business Development for The Timken Company, a multi-national bearing and steel producer.  Under Mr. Hudelson’s leadership, InfoSight has expanded its traditional focus in the primary metals industry to include many diverse industries, including automotive, aerospace, military, medical, pharmaceutical, steel fabrication & public infrastructure. The company maintains offices in the USA and UK, with an extensive network of value-added partners throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. A strong emphasis on invention and innovation has produced unique technology solutions for product identification in the most demanding environments, characterized by temperatures in excess of 1000°C, strong acids and caustics, and aggressive solvents & chemicals.  The company has developed marking and traceability solutions for products which must survive everything from molten zinc to liquid nitrogen to outer space.  Mr. Hudelson holds BS and MS degrees in mechanical engineering from Purdue University.

“Asset /ID tracking in harsh environments”

Current economic times require tight control of all assets / inventory and processes a company manages. These items, if managed correctly and timely, can mean the difference between success and failure of a company. Cost savings in hard economic times are essential to allow a company to utilize its assets to the fullest potential by eliminating duplication and waste. Accurate process management leads to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. Many industries and processes have believed it to be impossible to track their products or assets using bar-codes due to the unique conditions of their environment, whether it is high temperature, rough handling or chemical exposure. That has now changed.

Companies specializing in identification methods have stepped up to the challenge and have overcome many obstacles of the past. It’s no longer a paper or plastic bar-code world.

The presentation will be broken down into four parts.

1. The differences between Asset and ID tracking.

2. Why does a company need to bar-code?

3. The objections many companies use for not bar-coding.

4. What’s new in bar-coding?

Case study handouts and a reference list of various companies including software, labeling and attachment techniques will be available at the end of the presentation.


Speaking on November 18

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