ID WORLD International Congress: Dennis Khoo

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Dennis Khoo

CEO – Xerafy

Speaks at ID WORLD on Wireless Identification

A veteran in the smartcard and RFID space, Dennis Khoo is the CEO and founder of Xerafy and brings with him 20 years of senior management, regional sales and business operation experience to help steer the company towards its mission of being the industry leader in Read-On-Metal tags and providing our global customers with affordable high performance tags with the smallest form factor yet.

There is nothing Mr. Khoo loves better than spending time with customers and leading entrepreneurial start-ups, and was responsible for the success of many startup ventures and business from Motorola, Schlumberger and Inside Contactless throughout his career. Dennis, a Singaporean, graduated from the National University of Singapore and has lived and worked for more than 10 years in Hong Kong and China


Asset tracking solutions built around RFID technology have traditionally leveraged the ability to identify and locate items easily, without requiring the line-of-sight needed for reading bar codes or serial numbers on a given asset. With the advent of embeddable passive RFID tags, companies now have the option of moving beyond simple identification into solutions that create “smart” assets that can carry important product specifications, pedigree, maintenance, installation, supply chain, and other data with them as they move from location to location.

In situations where an asset does not have guaranteed access to a network or when information can’t be shared across organizations, high memory RFID tags provide a compelling value proposition. Manufacturers can get visibility into production demand and reduce parts inventory. Suppliers can improve manufacturing efficiencies and verify the authenticity of their parts. Airlines and maintenance companies can make maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations more efficient.

The talk will highlight how Xerafy is enabling the production of smart assets with its iN family of RFID tags for metal assets and high memory XL tags for data storage. With these two tag offerings, Xerafy has provided lower-cost, UHF-based solutions that can be easily embedded into a host of assets



Speaking on November 2

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