ID WORLD International Congress: Dr. Adrian Burden

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Dr. Adrian Burden

President, Europe – Bilcare Technologies

Speaks at ID WORLD on Anti-counterfeiting

Dr. Burden is currently responsible for developing the business of Bilcare Technologies in Europe and manages the No To Fakes initiative at He was the co-founding director of Singular ID, an award winning brand protection technology company that span off from the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering in Singapore. Singular ID was later acquired by Bilcare to create Bilcare Technologies, a company specializing in product, packaging and document security. Dr. Burden has previously worked in the displays industry and provided fee-paid lectures and courses on technology roadmapping for small medium businesses and organisations. He has an MA from the University of Cambridge and a D.Phil from the University of Oxford. He is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society where he is currently a scientific editor for their publication inFocus.

“Combining information technology with micro and nanotechnology to provide security for products and documents”

The security of banknotes and passports has always involved multiple layers of high technology to make reproduction difficult and costly, with on-going programmes to enhance their security and stay several steps ahead of the counterfeiters. However, consumer products have only relatively recently been subject to extensive copying, largely as global markets have opened up and intellectual property laws become harder to enforce. In the case of medicines and spare-parts, for example, fakes can create severe health and safety issues beyond damaging the brand’s reputation and profitability. As a result, much more integrated technology solutions are required to combat the problem. One avenue is the use of database systems to provide records for many millions of individual items alongside real-time information about events such as sales and returns. This approach can be combined with novel security features based on advanced materials science making use of micro and nanotechnology. This presentation will review a number of these technologies and show how they are being used to tackle product counterfeiting, and moreover finding their way into other security applications such as identity cards and currency which have traditionally been the driver for such innovation.

Speaking on November 17

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