ID WORLD International Congress: Dr. Humberto Moran

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Dr. Humberto Moran

CEO – Friendly Technologies

Speaks at ID WORLD on CEO & Investors Forum

Dr Humberto Morán, founder and CEO of Friendly Technologies Ltd, has an extensive background in entrepreneurship, RFID, software development and project management. He is a certified EuroPriSe Expert and acts as advisor to the European Commission on privacy issues in RFID and the Internet of Things. He is also the founder and CEO of Open Source Innovation Ltd, a charity promoting open source software for RFID, which is currently involved in the FP7 ASPIRE project.


Humberto spent many years working for the Auto-ID Centre, as well as a selection of large multinationals including the Lafarge Group, Oracle and Unisys Corporations; and founded and directed his own company, Sistemas Abiertos. He holds a first class degree in Computer Engineering from Universidad Simón Bolívar (Caracas, Venezuela), a first class MBA from Cambridge University (UK), and a summa-cum-laude Ph.D. from Universidad Complutense (Madrid, Spain).

“Next generation RFID – making the Internet of Things happen!”

A big challenge facing the global supply chain is the tracking and identification of low-cost assets. Apart from causing environmental damage, lost, perished and counterfeit goods cost billions to industry. For this reason, the use of RFID has been proposed, but the currently available solutions have important limitations, namely performance, cost and security. Particularly, the lack of security of low-cost RFID has created important privacy issues and prompted the EC to issue strict recommendations on this promising technology. Because of performance and reliability limitations, current RFID applications are limited to those of a glorified barcode. Such promising applications as dynamic asset monitoring and after-sale services are unthinkable with conventional RFID.

The success of the Internet of Things requires edge technologies to be cost effective, secure and reliable. Conventional RFID does not meet all this criteria.

FTL has created a Next Generation RFID that solves the long-standing issues affecting conventional RFID. This innovative technology is based on secure and privacy-friendly silent RFID tags, high-performance readers and intelligent distribution networks. FTL’s Next Generation RFID is fully compatible with conventional RFID yet much superior in performance (up to 100 times faster in some applications) and reliability (99% even in high volumes). These advantages make FTL’s solution ideal for stock taking, anti-counterfeiting and secure returns; for example by allowing tags to be embedded into products.

FTL Next Generation RFID has the potential to make the Internet of Things happen.

Speaking on November 16

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