ID WORLD International Congress: Dr. Manfred Mueller

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Dr. Manfred Meuller

CEO – SCM Microsystems GmbH

Speaks at ID WORLD on Future of Mobile

Dr. Manfred Mueller joined SCM Microsystems in August 2000. Prior to joining SCM, where he held a range of different management positions, Manfred Mueller spent two years with BetaResearch GmbH, the digital TV technology development division of the Kirch Group, managing a broad range of strategic investment, product development and M&A activities for the company’s New Technologies, Business Development department.

Manfred Mueller also is an Executive Vice President of Identive Group (NASDAQ: INVE; FSE: INV) which is SCM Microsystems´ holding company.


From the very beginning of time, human beings have employed differing forms of identification and privilege management. Early man relied on the simple, direct identification of others; later, markings, colours, code words or sounds began to become more important in the proper identification and privilege management of these individuals. In the twenty-first century our need for identification and privileges management has exploded in volume and complexity. We carry dozens of different ID cards and use a multitude of passwords, have to provide a finger print or allow an eye scan, alone or in a combination with an ID card or PIN – we walk around burdened with numerous keys and cards, and deal with disparate proprietary systems and applications.

In some areas there has been a strong drive towards converging multiple functions onto one card in order to increase security by having a single point where credentials can be issued, managed or revoked. On the other hand, it is possible to transfer the security benefits of smart cards to RFID cards, creating a contactless smart card, so that user convenience is enhanced.

NFC is a revolutionary development that promises to provide the convenience of a single, contactless credential by enabling a highly secure personal credential to be built into mobile phones. An NFC-enabled phone incorporates all functions of a secure contactless smart card. What makes NFC phones really powerful is the convenience of enabling them anywhere, anytime through secure mobile connections, to act as our personal credential for an endless number of possible mobile applications: sign on to websites, download a ski pass, or log our fitness routine. NFC phones can also be used as reader or scanner or for more secure transaction, e.g. do online banking transaction, download data from smart tags or buy transit passes.

Choice, convenience, cost, security, and simplicity will determine what kind of world we will shape with our NFC phones in a new era of electronic consumer empowerment. So we move towards an integrated multi-application, multi-use credential and a secure multi-use, multi-application reader, both incorporated into our NFC-enabled phones.

NFC represents a paradigm shift in how we live, making everyday activities easier and more convenient by building on existing systems and human behavior. It will make accessing new media and content services more intuitive; make it easier to pay for things; easier to discover, synchronize and share information; and easier to use transport and other public services. How will NFC ultimately change our lives? In more ways than we can imagine.




Speaking on November 3

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