ID WORLD International Congress: Dr. Wasim Raad

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Dr. Wasim Raad

Head of Smartcard and RFID Lab, Computer Engineering Department – King Fahad University Petroleum Minerals

Speaks at ID WORLD on Healthcare @ID WORLD

Dr. Wasim Raad Head of Smartcard and RFID Lab, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals and lecturer at computer eng department.

Dr. Wasim Raad established the first smart card and RFID university lab in the region to support student projects, as well as to conduct short courses for industry. He currently works on a funded project on telemedicine for elderly using RFID Wearable wristbands to monitor Activities of daily living (ADL) for elderly suffering from Alzeheimer. Dr. Raad received his Ph.D. from University Bradford UK in 2005, in embedded systems.

“RFID and the future of Telehealth in the region”

The impact of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) as a ubiquitous component in the information age is expanding with new and innovative applications in retail, supply chain, manufacturing and healthcare. The last two years have witnessed an explosion of interest in Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) and mobile technologies. In an RFID system, products and objects are given RFID tags to identify themselves. In addition to that, the world’s population is aging. In Japan, for example, a quarter of the population will soon be older than 65 years. As we age, the incidence and prevalence of chronic illness continue to rise. Chronic diseases are becoming the world’s leading causes of death and disability, and will account for almost three-forth of all deaths by 2020. KFUPM is one of the few universities in the region to establish an RFID lab for education as well as for research. One of the objectives of the RFID lab in addition to spreading the awareness of RFID in the region is to develop telehealth research solutions to help successful aging among the community. Among these telehealth solutions is the Telehealth funded research project to serve the elderly in the community. The research presents a telehealth solution based on low cost wearable RFID bracelet tags and wireless ECG sensors integrated with a smart home environment for perceiving emergency situations in elderly with chronic diseases and initiate emergency action. A case study was implemented at the KFUPM clinic for the remote monitoring of the vital signs of elderly patients who are at risk of suffering from arrhythmia. The talk will also give a brief overview of how RFID can be used in hospitals across the kingdom and the future and ROI of RFID in the region.


Speaking on November 18

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