ID WORLD International Congress: Eldar Sultanow

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Eldar Sultanow

CIO – XQS Service

Speaks at ID WORLD on Healthcare Innovation

Eldar Sultanow is currently CIO of XQS Service GmbH and active at the University of Potsdam as an external Ph.D candidate. Since 2006 he acts as a software engineer and JEE-architect in the indus-try. Eldar has authored one book and published at a number of conferences including those from the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET), Institute of Electrical and Electron-ics Engineers (IEEE), International Institute of Informatics and Systemics (IIIS), and Association for Information Systems (AIS). Sultanow’s primary research interests preside in the areas of web devel-opment, RFID, and geographic information systems (GIS).


The vast amount of counterfeit drugs appearing in developing nations as well as the exponentially rising emergence of fraudulent medicine in developed countries has motivated research into inter-acting advanced RFID instruments into the pharmaceutical world. The comprehensive research ob-jective is to identify and prevent counterfeit drugs from appearing on the market in the first place; and ultimately, to preserve the quality and security of pharmaceutical products. Bulk-reading tech-nology enables our partners to rapidly read a large quantity of medicine’s specific Tag IDs. These IDs display each unique medicine’s history of movement, both indoor as well as outdoor-delivery tem-perature logs for climate sensitive pharmaceuticals, shock logs in order to ascertain if medicine has been intentionally or even unintentionally damaged and all other pertinent details related to each drug. Similarly, GPS is used for indoor and outdoor observation functions. Research on process opti-mization has enabled monitoring of personnel and products in order to create new models and soft-ware which advance secure medical distribution. Indoor and outdoor tracking has recently been im-plemented at a variety of clinics to survey and protect admittance to critical assets such as medicine, expensive machinery and even access to hospital patients. As the debate between RFID versus bar-code technologies continues to persist, it is our contention that RFID labels are currently more com-petent because they are tamper proof, chemically and mechanically stable, possess bulk-reading capability, support fault-tolerant reading and allow additional sensors; whereas barcode labels lack all of these qualities. Through the use of RFID technology, we have ventured to actualize an encom-passing distribution model for the pharmaceutical industry which guarantees both the quality as well as the authenticity of medicine from the moment it is created to the instant it reaches the patient. In our research to solve the problem of counterfeit and unsafe medicine, a comprehensive and overall safer model for medical life cycles has been developed and thus validated.XQS Service’s Research and Development teams are pioneering innovative projects utilizing RFID technology. XQS Service’s research is a subdivision of an oncological company which commissions our research and motivates the teams to implement and validate solutions to our parent company’s customers and partners. These partners include manufacturers, wholesale and local pharmacies.


Speaking on November 3

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