ID WORLD International Congress: Etienne Graindor

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Etienne Graindor

Manager – BMC (Belgian Mobility Card)

Speaks at ID WORLD on Transportation @ ID WORLD

Mr. Etienne Graindor is Head of Ticketing at STIB (Brussels) and General Secretary of Calypso Networks Association. Mr. Graindor has participated from 1979 to 1986 in different missions exporting Belgian know-how in the field of public transport to the daughter company of STIB:Transurb Consult, and was a Project Manager of the EC supported TRIANGLE Project. In addition to being the General Secertary of CNA, Mr. Graindor is also a lecturer at the Twon Planning Institute of the Université libre de Bruxelles and the Universitad central de Ecuador (Quito) and taught Public Marketing at the National Economic University of Ha Noï. Mr. Graindor serves as a member of the Union internationale des Transports publics, from 1988 to 1999, as well as a member of the international commission of Transports Economics, and a member of its marketing commission. Mr. Graindor also serves as a member of the board of CLUB International and Kontiki (Germany).

“How a slight adaptation of the ISO 14443 standard can boost the synergy between transport and bank industries”

Different trends in the fields of transport and banking show that new forms of synergies may appear in the near future: the completion of vending and validation equipment of smart ticketing systems, in parallel to native smart ticketing applications, with an EMV based media authentication offering the potential for the use of new generation credit and debit cards fitted with an off line payment means and open data storage usable for loading transport contracts.

So credit or debit cards could be the interoperability solution for travelers that need to face different smart ticketing systems during their occasional trips across Europe (and maybe later, in the world). This solution could be much simpler than trying to find an interoperable solution between the various existing native smart ticketing systems … or the coexistence in a single media for various types of smart ticketing applications.

But a last and important obstacle remains: on one side the transport industry for evident reasons of efficiency does not respect the ISO 14443 standard that specifies that all equipment must scan permanently between type A and type B due to the freedom of card issuers to provide their customers with type A or type B cards. Only a small minority of smart ticketing systems in Europe respects really the ISO 14443 standard.

Facing that difficulty, the chip industry is about to provide a new generation of chips able to recognize the environment faced, A or B (if not B’ and C). This could open new perspectives as the switch in the responsibility for the selection of type A or B leads to a new concept of interoperability based on the new generation of credit and debit cards able to host, in addition to an off-line payment means, a transport contract fully respecting the rules and practices of the public transport operators.

Speaking on November 16

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