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Platinum Sponsors

EDAPS Consortium is a system integrator specializing in the development and manufacture of highly secure ID’s, security features, plastic cards, and other secure printed products. The Consortium comprises Ukrainian high-tech companies leading in the areas of printing, information technologies, and security features. Products and services offered by the Consortium:
– Plastic cards (including VISA and MasterCard payment cards)
– Origination and manufacture of security holograms (including hot stamping foil, self-adhesive labels, and overlays for plastic cards)
– Information System planning, installation, maintenance and trouble-shooting; database management
– Acting in the capacity of an information system complex administrator
– Identification documents in the ID-1 and ID-3 formats, manufactured in accordance with ICAO requirements and international standards.


At IBM we are systems integrators of identity management solutions who really understand the client environment and the technology. Our industry specialists have been working closely with clients for decades.

Our technologists are responsible for many of the innovations that today are taken for granted. This combination of industry understanding and technology pedigree enables us to deliver value to our clients all over the world using our global infrastructure and deep resources of skills.

Customs, Ports and Border Management is a strategic growth area for IBM. We are implementing system that extend borders yet enable the country to remain open for business.


Thales is a leading international electronics and systems group, serving defence, aerospace and security markets worldwide, supported by a comprehensive services offering. In the area of identification systems, Thales has over two decades of experience in secure ID solutions and has references in more than twenty countries, such as Morocco’s first contactless smart national identity card and the supply to Imprimerie Nationale of a complete secure system for the production and personalisation of the new French e-passports.

These references demonstrate Thales’ unique ability to design, manage, integrate and provide long-term support for innovative ID solutions incorporating the latest technological advances in biometrics and data security.


Gold Sponsor

Multicard AG – An appealing business model based on experience.

For more than 20 years, the system architect and general contractor Multicard has been providing full service in customer and credit card solutions – from data management to mail dispatch (our professional letter shop). Especially the expertise of integrating various processes of producing and customizing ID documents as well as IT processes without media discontinuity ensure highest service orientation that can be experienced by our customers.



Silver Sponsor

TagStar Systems GmbH is a leading supplier of RFID smart inlays for labels, tickets, smart cards and special transponder designs in two frequency bands: HF and UHF.

Products and services
– Development application-specific and customized RFID smart inlay solutions (HF, UHF).
– Smart inlay production at the highest quality levels using advanced, cost efficient production processes.
– TOM (Tag-on-Metal) – the advanced high-frequency HF-inlay by TagStar, offers new opportunities for high-volume RFID applications on metal surfaces.
– Read/write module (HF) for special solutions in the field of contactless identification.


Platinum Sponsor

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Standard Sponsor

Morpho Hirsch SCM Jarltech Datalogic