ID WORLD International Congress: Fashion @ ID WORLD

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Fashion @ ID WORLD

Luxury goods, fashion and garment companies are adopting advanced auto ID technologies. By using RFID to track products across stores worldwide, some high-end brands are becoming the early adopters of item-level tagging solutions.

How can RFID help reduce theft and minimize the loss of valuable goods? Will it replace the traditional electronic article surveillance solutions?

Which technologies can help retailers win the battle to get key fashion products from the design table to the shelves as quickly as possible?


Challenges and opportunities faced by garment, fashion and luxury goods players in today’s global distribution chains


Global Business vs. Brand Protection

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Global Business vs. Brand Protection

Chairman: Sophie B. de la Giroday, President – Wise Media

– Michele Buttazzoni, Integrated Logistics Director – Gucci Group

– Stefano Pistilli, General Manager – Traconf Fashion Logistics Group
Building a pure warehouse logistics network

– Frank Riso, Sr. Director Retail & Hospitality Lead – Motorola
Item level RFID in the fashion industry makes dollars and cents

– Johnny Hazboun, CMO – TJS
Tracking as a Service (TaaS) facilitates RFID adoption in retail

– Samuli Strömberg, VP Marketing – UPM Raflatac, RFID Business
Item level RFID boosts efficiency for savvy apparel companies

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