ID WORLD International Congress: Flavio Daffara

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Flavio Oridao

Business Development Manager – Oridao

Speaks at ID WORLD on Transportation Security

Flavio is responsible for Business Development at ORIDAO. He holds a Master’s degree in Electronics/Telecommunications and an MBA. He has over 10 years experience in business development and marketing programs management in the microelectronics industry with international market responsibilities. Before joining ORIDAO, Flavio worked for multinational companies such as Texas Instruments and Philips. Flavio is author of over 15 scientific papers for international journals and conferences and is inventor of 7 patents.

“An innovative UHF RFID secured traceability architecture for life cycle authentication”

This presentation will focus on an innovative digital tracker and secured traceability architecture based on the concept of origin and events authentication for process traceability, field maintenance and logistics tracking applications. Such an approach is new and provides unmatched simplicity in terms of deployment and field operation compared to classical authentication architectures, which are not very suitable for field operation. The main benefit of the proposed traceability protocol is a local authentication of the product identity and process conformance (actors, time stamping, controls, values, parameters) without the need to be network connected to a centralized database. The presented approach is compatible with current RFID standards, such as UHF EPC Gen2, and particularly suitable for secured traceability applications, such as:

• Field maintenance of parts subject to safety constraints (aerospace, defense…)

• Tracking high-value objects in the transport and logistics sector: stages, actors and physical parameters authentication (temperature, shocks, …)

• Fight against counterfeit parts and grey markets (product origin and distribution channel authentication)

• Authenticated certification required for regulatory purposes After a short introduction to the product life cycle authentication challenges, the « path checker » innovative secured traceability architecture will be presented and the benefits of the solution discussed. The presentation will end with a perspective overview on the application fields of such a novel approach.


Speaking on November 18

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