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29 November – Room AlfaOmega

Concern over disease and bio-terrorism have prompted agencies around the world to call for practical solutions to trace and recall tainted food products. But the food industry is threatened again by the sudden menace of counterfeiting.

What are the standard approaches to animal identification applied in Europe and in the rest of the world?

Can auto ID enable food quality to be monitored along the entire supply and distribution chain, protecting the interests of both the manufacturer and the consumer?

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

Session 1 – Traceabilty of food products throughout the supply chain

– Prof. Antonio Rizzi (Professor of Industrial Logistics and Supply Chain Management – University of Parma)
“Analysis of traceability systems in the food industry”

– Eddie Dodds (Chief Technology Officer – BT Auto-ID Services)
“The transparent supply chain”

– Olivier Pasquier (Global Product Manager – bioMeriuex Industry)
“The identification of animal species in Food : an example of the application of the DNA chip technology”

Coffee Break

Session 2 – Fraud prevention in the food industry

Chairman: Salvatore Mendoliera (Director, Industry & Services Division – Uniteam)

– Dr. Pasquale Domenico Grieco (Metapontum Agrobios)
“Traceability of high-quality citrus grafts”

– Reiner Wagner (Managing Director – AEG ID)
“Tracking beer kegs throughout the entire supply chain”

– Dr. Paolo Reggi (Managing Director – Caviro)
“Fraud prevention: ensuring the origin of vine seedlings”


Session 3 – From farm to fork: the role of identification

– James Bishop (EC Commission – Joint Research Centre)“Methods and systems for livestock traceability”

– Gonzalo Garcia (CEO – Athelia)
“Production control tracing and tracking based on RFID of ham”

– Prof. Pietro De Siena (Project Leader “Biologico Latino” – University Naples) TBC
“From Paraguay to Europe: traceability of imported meat products”

– Dr Renato Colafrancesco (Lazio & Tuscany Zooprophylactic Institute )
“Traceability of animals in the supply chain”

Coffee Break

Session 4 – The RFID business case in the food industry

– Giorgio Romiti (Head of automation department – Galbani)
”Tracking warehouse movements in an agro-food industry: the structure and benefits of an RFID project active since 2002“

– Benoît Pilon (Manager, Airport and Inflight Services – International Air Transport Association)
“The business case for the use of RFID for inflight catering”

– Speaker to be announced

End of Conference Sessions

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