ID WORLD International Congress: Franco Caraffi

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Interview with Franco Caraffi

At ID WORLD 2010 – by Philip Stoten, ID PEOPLE

Other videos taken at ID WORLD 2010

Khaled Al Amri, Electronics Business Transaction Co.
Khaled Al-Amri, CEO of Ebtco, discusses active RFID in healthcare and how emerging problems from hospitals are being met with applications such as disposable tags, which avoid infection from contamination and new personal customizable tags for staff.

Ratan Bajaj, Ministry of Finance India
RK Bajaj, Commissioner Income Tax from India’s Ministry of Finance, discusses the Indian national identity scheme, as well as human information management (HIM) for a number of citizen ID services such as cross-border travel and profiling of authenticated citizens on a global basis.

Jeannie Cameron, British American Tobacco
Jeannie Cameron, International Advocacy Manager, Anti-Illicit Trade with British American Tobacco, discusses the scale of the problems related to the illicit tobacco trade, counterfeit products and tax evasion, with reference to how technology is helping win the battle.

Franco Caraffi, Costa Crociere
Franco Caraffi, Reservation and On Board Systems Director of Costa Crociere, discusses how auto ID technologies have been implemented on board ship to enhance the passenger experience and improve efficiency in areas such as registration, ePayment and access security.

Claudia Carta, Philips
Claudia Carta, Senior Manager Government Affairs EMEA with Philips, describes the company’s role in sustainability and how lighting enhances people lives in today’s modern cities, with reference to improving cities’ identities and livability, while protecting the planet through energy efficiency.

Carlos Chaparro Talleres Graficos, Mexican Government
Carlos Chaparro, Project Leader Mexican ID Card with Talleres Graficos of the Mexican Government, describes the size of the Mexican ID card project and the issues surrounding its release to 110 million people, as well as the legislation and communication involved for state registration.

Peter Claussen, Höft & Wessel
Peter Claussen, COO of Höft & Wessel, talks about technological developments which are driving the supply chain in retail and logistics and the key customer motivations in the IT industry surrounding the adoption of new technologies such as Wi-Fi, RFID and auto ID in general.

Nevio Di Giusto, Fiat Research Center & Elasis
Nevio Di Giusto, CEO of Fiat Research Center & Elasis, discusses Fiat’s policy in sustainable city environments and where the company stands in terms of emissions, environmental impact and research into products, which reduce that impact through recovery, mobility, communications and infrastructure safety.

Michael Ford, Mentor Graphics
Michael Ford, Marketing Development Manager with Mentor Graphics, explains trends and legislation, which have encouraged companies’ sustainability policy and how cost-efficient initiatives such as end-to-end software can turn into benefits for green and lean manufacturing.

Adam Giambrone, Toronto Transit Commission
Adam Giambrone, Chair of Toronto Transit Commission, talks about the new open electronics payments system to be introduced into Toronto’s transport network and how the importance of timing and cost justification plays a part in the decision making process.

Kevin Gillick, Global Platfom
Kevin Gillick, Executive Director of GlobalPlatform, discusses the complex landscape of standards – from international to industry and application standards and how GlobalPlatform links standards for adoption in ID card tenders and the influence this has on the introduction of new technological processes.

Jeroen de Groot, Assembléon
Jeroen de Groot, Senior Director of Marketing and Innovation at Assembléon, discusses sustainability as a key to brand and industry development in terms of new products, how they behave in the market and how they operate in the real world of consumers in general.

Antti Korhonen, Ekahau
Antti Korhonen, CEO of Ekahau, talks about ID, tracking and traceability in the healthcare sector and the systems involved in RTLS and Wi-Fi based solutions for asset tracking, highlighting the benefits for hospitals in terms of time and asset tracking management efficiencies as well as safety.

Carl-Otto Kuennecke, Otto Kuennecke GmbH
Carl-Otto Kuennecke, CEO of Otto Kuennecke, discusses new applications in PIN technologies already established as second level security authentication in many sectors, in eGovernment services and the management of these services online, with reference to the new German ID card.

Jorma Lalla, Nordic ID
Jorma Lalla, CEO of Nordic ID, describes how the fashion industry is leading in RFID tagging applications in retail for supply chain management, increase in sales and cost reduction, as well as the issues involved in balancing the needs of consumers and the industry itself.

Scott Lapham, SE Alabama Medical Centre
Scott Lapham, Senior Network Engineer at the South East Alabama Medical Centre, explains a new asset tracking solution being implemented at the hospital and how a pilot project has grown into full rollout tagging to improve patient satisfaction and hospital efficiency.

Tom Miller, Stuart & Deville
Tom Miller, Director of Stuart & Deville, discusses new business trends in the auto ID market surrounding the concept of emerging markets, technologies and regions and how they require new business models to meet unmet customer needs for stimulating growth when markets mature.

Anthony Ogden, United States Government Printing Office
Anthony Ogden, Inspector General of the United States Government Printing Office, speaks about epassport security with regard to the whole production process and the security controls, risks and issues around the component parts of a passport rather than just the end product.

Gillian Ormiston, Morpho
Gillian Ormiston, Director of Business Development ID Solutions with Morpho, explains the issues and benefits surrounding the introduction of a new drivers’ license solution in the US and its importance in the US as a de facto ID card, which can combat identity and document fraud.

Daniel Piscopo, US Department of Homeland Security
Daniel Piscopo, Assistant Division Director US Customs and Border Protection at the DHS, outlines the Trusted Traveler Program and how low-risk travelers can be quickly processed through custom and immigration formalities, allowing for more dedication to unknown and high-risk elements.

Mauro Sacchetto, Datalogic
Mauro Sacchetto, CEO of Datalogic, discusses the impact that cloud computing has on aspects surrounding ID, storage, tracking and access and the need for connectivity of realtime data in order to stay in a network through cloud computing and changes to network management.

Jean Salomon, JSalomon Consulting Partners
Jean Salomon, Principal of JSalomon Consulting Partners, talks about the impact that major events such as the Olympics and the World Cup have on moving people around the world to ensure safety, authentication and border needs are upheld and in place well in time by involving all stakeholders.

Alberto Sanna, Scientific Institute San Raffaele
Alberto Sanna, E-services for Life and Health Manager at the Scientific Institute San Raffaele, discusses smart hospitals from an end-user standpoint and the key technologies surrounding patient safety in the healthcare process involving professionals, processes and management efficiencies.

Vincent Santacroce, Poste Italiane
Vincent Santacroce, Marketing Director of Digital Services with Poste Italiane, outlines the changing face of the postal sector in terms of electronic transactions and the challenges faced through increased Internet useage, in order to offer new digital services and products to customers.

Scott Silverman, Positive ID
Scott Silverman, Chairman and CEO of Positive ID, explains the use of implantable chips for the control of disease and medical conditions through the use of biological sensors in areas such as diabetes management for both glucose testing and active day-by-day data control.

Steven G. Singer, ANote
Steven G. Singer, CEO & Chairman of ABNote, talks about market changes in chip technology and the impact they are having on commercial vs government sector and high-end secure payment applications, as well as strategies companies have in addressing existing products for new sector applications.

Peter Somers, bpost international
Peter Somers, CEO of bpost international, discusses the changes in the postal sector and challenges of competing in today’s open market with reducing postal volumes, through increasing efficiency and profitability in core business activities and developing new areas, such as digital mail.

M.S. Srikar, Unique Identification Authority India
M.S. Srikar, Private Secretary to the Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India, describes the largest ID project in the world and the complexities, involved in ensuring the mandate through biometrics capture and enrolment, is upheld to provide increased access to services for citizens.

John Stienen, European Commission
John Stienen, Directorate-General for Informatics at the European Commission, talks about secure ID and the future of interoperability between different schemes across the European member states with one third already in place, on third about to be implemented and others still in the planning stages.

Stephen Stretton,
Stephen Stretton, CEO of, explains the UGLY coalition which allows businesses to be searched globally in the marletplace by targeting various different verticals, with particular reference to the postal and express shipping industry and its business development opportunities.

Patrick J Sweeney II, Odin
Patrick J. Sweeney II, CEO of Odin looks at the future of the RFID business, its progress in a number of sectors and the opportunity presented today in social media by creating a physical presence in the virtual world through RFID, for performing activities to bridge the gap.

Dr Sreeni Tripuraneni, 4G Identity Solutions
Dr Sreeni Tripuraneni, Chairman and CEO of 4G Identity Solutions, discusses the development of systems surrounding the Unique ID Project of India with particualr reference to multi-modal biometrics and the need for more characteristics when registering 1.2 billion citizens.

Peter Went, WCC
Peter Went, CEO of WCC, talks about the future of biometrics and how it is being adopted by many sectors today, having developed from being a criminal identification to a secure border control system and now as an enabler for citizens to access services and products securely.

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