ID WORLD International Congress: Gerardo Felipe Solis Diaz

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Gerardo Felipe Solis Diaz

Magistrate President – Tribunal of Panama

Speaks at ID WORLD on Citizen Centric Services

Gerardo Felipe Solis Diaz, Magistrate President of the Electoral Tribunal of Panama, has served public office must of his professional life. He started at the Attorney General Office in 1982 until 1986 and then moved to the Executive Branch where he served several positions as Legal Advisor, Executive Director, and Minister until 1999, except for a brief period between 1991 and 1994 when he joined Solis, Endara, Delgado & Guevara, a Panamanian Law Firm. In 1999 he was appointed General Electoral Attorney, a position he served until appointed Magister of the Electoral Tribunal of Panama by the Supreme Court of Justice in 2006 where he would serve until 2012.

He has been a volunteer officer of the Fire Department of Panama since 2002, former president of the Panamanian Bar Association (1995-1997) where he also served as Finance Director (1993-1995).

He has a Graduate Degree in Polygraph Science from the International Academy of Polygraph, a LL.M. from Southern Methodist University and a Law and Political Science Degree from Santa Maria La Antigua University. His teaching experience includes, Master Professor of Mercantile Law at USMA, 1995, Professor at Latin-American University of Science and Technology (ULACIT) 1993-1995, and Assistant Professor of International Law at Southern Methodist University, 1985.

His publications include- “Miremientos de un Caminador o Reflexiones de una vida en cuentos cortos”, published in 1986 (Spanish-Italian version), Legal Dictionary Spanish-English/English-Spanish Published in U.S.A. by West Publishing Co. 1992, “El Recurso de Casación Civil, al amparo de la Doctrina del Código y de la Jurisprudencia de la Corte Suprema de Justicia”, 1995 Edition, an Essayonthe Polygraph in thePanamanianJurisdiction,2000, “La Revocatoria de Mandato”, 2002, and “El Indulto” 2004.


The right to identity is the pathway to the exercise of other rights including the right to vote.

In Panama, unlike other countries, civil registration and issuance of the identity document, the foundation for the right to identity are conducted by the Electoral Tribunal, which also organizes elections, is responsible for deciding electoral disputes and the administration of Electoral Criminal. In other words, the Electoral Tribunal of Panama is a unified electoral body.

At birth Panamanians are enrolled in the Civil Registry and are assigned a unique identity number for life that will serve as an identification number to get an official ID upon reaching adulthood. This identification card known as “cedula” is not only the proper document for civil identification, but also the only valid document for the exercise of suffrage.

The use of technology has allowed the development of a single database, which feeds all components of the electoral process. This information is extracted from it to form the Electoral Registry. This database also supports the system of nomination of candidates by internet, which using the ID number validates online the legal requirements to be met by each candidate.

In conclusion, the electoral body controls the most important inputs in the quality of the electoral process and the exercise of suffrage, civil registration of people, issuance of the electoral roll and issuance of identity cards, which translates into an advantage in guaranteeing the honesty, legitimacy and effectiveness of the popular vote.



Speaking on November 3

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