ID WORLD International Congress: Gerd Linka

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Gerd Linka

Manager Sustainable Development – Atotech

Speaks at ID WORLD on Sustainability

Born in 1955, Gerd has more than 25 years experience in various management positions. In 2007 Gerd took up the responsibility for the corporate function of Sustainable Development of ATOTECH within the TOTAL Group. Gerd has spent his entire career in industry – beginning in 1982 with Schering. From his initial diverse industrial R&D responsibilities in the business units General Metal Finishing and Electronics, he experienced the Printed Circuit Board industry as a Product Manager and became a Global Business Manager in 1996.

Atotech was founded in 1993, when the Elf Atochem Group merged its M&T Harshaw operations with Schering Electroplating Division. Today, ATOTECH is a direct subsidiary of the world’s fifth-largest oil and gas company TOTAL, created from the merger of TotalFina and Elf Aquitaine in 2003.

Gerd has a degree in Chemistry from University Dortmund, Germany.


Today, six billion people live on Earth – in 2050 there could be ten billion – who would all need food, housing, energy and mobility, while resources are limited.The business environment has changed more than ever before. Operating licenses are becoming more and more difficult to obtain worldwide. Legislators worldwide enforce massive investments to meet environmental standards.These investments are essential for any company that wants to survive. Legislations like ELV, RoHS and WEEE increasingly call for manufacturer responsibility and banish dangerous substances from production. In general the main aim is to reduce pollutant load on the environment as much as possible. China, Japan, Korea,Taiwan, Malaysia,Turkey and America already have legislation similar to REACh or are currently working on such.This means that the registration and authorization of chemicals is a global topic.The new laws create transparency about where and how many hazardous chemicals the industry still uses. NGOs like Greenpeace have shown the world that a renunciation of toxic chemicals is possible.

Greener Manufacturing – today the topic is the focus of industry:The environmental obligations are getting tougher, the demands for a sustainable use of resources stronger. Strict regulations for the protection of the environment determine globally the workaday of the production responsible.

ATOTECH has developed and implemented strategic, sustainable development practices across all areas of its businesses and operations.Through innovative plating production systems substantial savings of raw materials, water and energy can be achieved while the process reliability is increased. It is ATOTECH’s goal to lead the change to greener plating technologies. Green plating technologies means for ATOTECH a step by step approach to replace finally all CMR substances (carcinogenic, mutagenic and reproductive toxic), all toxic substances (e.g. cyanide, chromium (VI), nickel compounds, …), all toxic heavy metals (e.g. lead, mercury, cadmium,…); and all allergenic substances in our products to protect end users and workers and to reduce the environmental impact of the industry.


Speaking on November 3

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