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Grégoire Jean

Product Marketing Manager – Xiring

Speaks at ID WORLD on Transportation Security

Grégoire Jean is a specialist of innovative processes and technologies and has extensive experience on this field, spread out in positions in many companies.

Grégoire Jean possesses a scientific background: after a PhD in Quantum Physics at Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, he started a consulting career specialized in breakthrough innovation management. During this period, he worked for companies such as Orange and GDF Suez to promote new products and new services, dealing with change resistance and novelty adoption issues.

After that, he worked for several start-ups, dealing with marketing and innovation, and bringing new ideas and new technologies (wireless communication, new man machine interfaces…) to the markets.

He then entered Xiring as Product Marketing Manager. He is in charge of E-ID products and solutions, and leads the development of special projects within Xiring.

Handheld e-id titles control solution, a new approach

The introduction of electronic identity titles (e-passports, national e-id cards) offers the opportunity to increase the capacity of “outdoor control” by law enforcement agencies and police forces.

But we feel that instead of focusing on the actual needs of the police forces of the different countries, the offer is more often than not built on the needs expressed by other users such as military forces or other specific players.

We will try to draw a picture of the fundamental question that all law enforcement agency or police force should answer before defining their requirements regarding handheld identity control devices.

Each police force has many missions, a specific organization and works in a unique legal frame, as well as in a specific geographical environment.

Each country has its own approach regarding personal data, has issued its own identity titles and its specific political frame.

We will also look at the economics of the global control system, from the device to the system, drawing a total cost of ownership approach.

Our last point will be to emphasize the need to adopt a practical view of the identity control, by avoiding the lure of the do-it-all solution and reminding that we are very often in a visual control configuration as of yet.

Speaking on November 18

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