ID WORLD International Congress: Guido Dellagnelo

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Guido Dellagnelo

Director – Gtt – Goods that talk

Speaks at ID WORLD on Healthcare @ ID WORLD

Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Federal University at Santa Catarina, with specialization courses at the Instituto Paul Scherrer in Switzerland and an MBA in administration and marketing from the United States.

Guido was partner and founder of the Nano Endoluminal S/A company that develops, manufactures and sells ortheses, prostheses, and special medications, where he acquired broad knowledge of the medical and hospital product supply chain. He has also served as the director president of multinational companies in Brazil and Italy

“Implementation of tracking control solution in the healthcare supply chain”

The Cardio Medical Comércio de Produtos Médico-Hospitalares Ltda. company, which has been working in the market for more than 10 years, is Brazil’s leading distributor of medical devices, with approximately 400 clients. Working in the fields of cardiology and hemodynamics, one of its main concerns is the control and tracking of its 2,000 different products. This is because in addition to being important for business, these procedures are required by the strong controls of the National Sanitary Control Agency (ANVISA) – the Brazilian government agency equivalent to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The implementation of a control and tracking system with RFID technology aims to increase the efficiency of the stock movement of its medical and hospital products and assist the control and tracking of products consigned to clinics and hospitals for use in cardiac surgery or interventionist hemodynamic procedures. There are now 18,000 products controlled, and Cardio Medical ships 8,000 units a month.

The main objectives of the project are the serialization of the product; identification of the product, manufacturer, lot and expiration date; recording of the shipping of the products and recording of those responsible for handling the products. The results include the reduction of errors in recording information, mainly the lot and expiration date, due to the substitution of manual data entry by an electronic reader and registration of information using RFID readers; the increased efficiency of product shipping with the substitution of written records for electronic ones that are integrated to financial records; the visualization, via internet, of product tracking, identifying the transfer of the products by control location; the quick identification of expired products and a reduction in the time stock remains in inventory.

Speaking on November 18

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