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The winners of this year’s ID People Awards – the Oscars of the auto ID industry – were revealed on the evening of November 26th, during the sixtth ID WORLD International Congress in Milan. At the annual ceremony, awards were presented in recognition of the contribution made by thought leaders, innovators and pioneering adopters who distinguished themselves by their achievements during the past 12 months.

Three Honorable Mentions

The organizers of the ID WORLD International Congress also presented an Honorable Mention to three distinguished leaders in the ID Community:

Honorable Mention Electronic Passport Forum

Dr. Tawil is the head of the National Information Center (NIC) in Saudi Arabia, which is responsible for many technological accomplishments in the field of ID. In the recent years, the vital role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for socio-economic development has been largely recognized. As the Director General of the nation’s most important information center with an extensive reservoir of talent and ambition, Dr. Tawil has developed NIC into a distinguished and elite department, which enables the mission critical information technology initiatives that protect all citizens/non-citizens within the Kingdom. He has also been eagerly working with other countries for the sharing and transferring of technology. He is an important participant in the efforts in the Middle East to counter terrorism through secure identity solutions. His passion for biometrics and network security has been the key factor in leading his country’s assertive homeland security initiatives.

Honorable Mention Asset Tracking Forum

Antti Korhonen, as the CEO of Ekahau, the leading provider of wi-fi based solutions and wireless software tools, has pioneered the adoption of wi-fi-based Real-Time Location System (RTLS). Under Antti Korhonen’s lead, Ekahau has grown rapidly thanks to the introduction of the third ‘killer app’ for the wi-fi after data and voice: location & tracking. He proved that wi-fi is a viable and practical technology for a multitude of applications where continuous monitoring and tracking is necessary. Antti Korhonen has over 20 years of experience in hi-tech industries in the field of international sales, marketing and product management and prior to Ekahau, has worked at Vaisala as the general manager of Industrial Business Division.

Honorable Mention Transportation Security Forum

Steven Brill is the founder and CEO of Verified Identity Pass and the creator of Clear, the largest US registered traveler program. Clear uses fingerprint and iris technology to identify members who move through its fast pass lanes at airport security checkpoints. Brill became knowledgeable about the issues Verified ID addresses in doing research for his 2003 book, “AFTER: How America Confronted the September 12 Era.” The Clear card is accepted at more than a dozen major US airports, including New York’s JFK and San Francisco International and is expected to roll out at additional airports in the next few months. Brill is also the founder of The American Lawyer magazine and Court TV.

Two special awards

Two special awards to accompany the Big Five elected by the community:

ID Hall of Fame

Van Tran, as CEO of Veritec, has been the guiding force in nurturing steady growth for the company and for Veritec’s state-of-the-art solutions for positive BIO-ID. Veritec is a patent-holder and manufacturer of two-dimensional Matrix Symbology Products. Within the Multi-Dimensional Bar Codes commonly known as Data Matrix, the encoded symbols can contain a variety, amount, and depth of information that would not fit onto an ordinary bar code, which enables availability for many applications. Recently, in September 2007, Van Tran introduced Veritec’s new “multi-purpose-all-in-one” card, named the VSCard, which combines both a Visa debit card and an identity card to create a multi-functional ID card with unique banking and security capabilities.

ID Talent Award

At only 28, Usman Mobin is the Chief Technology Officer at Pakistan’s National Database and Registration Authority. Educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Usman has already gained renown as the Architect of the Pakistan Passport System, the world’s first multi-biometric electronic passports employing both fingerprint identification and face recognition technologies. Usman is the inventor of a technique that has made possible remarkably fast phonetics-based searches on multilingual identity databases such as Pakistan’s National Data Warehouse. This technique is particularly valuable in identification when information is incomplete and especially when biometrics is unavailable. He has also developed a system that allows to infer the authenticity of citizenship by determining how well a citizen is connected to the national family structure.

The Big Five

Five awards were handed out following the nomination and voting by the ID Community, who have supported the initiative with enthusiasm during the last months. More than 4,000 votes were collected in the three week election phase. The categories and winners are:

ID Community Award

Dr. Detlef Houdeau is a member of Eurosmart, head of the Bitkom working group “Chip Card and Identification Systems” and head of the EU funding project “Digital Passport”, with 6 partner companies in 4 countries. He is a committed member of the ID Community, with his awareness of the importance of the National ID evolution in the public domain and his efforts to focus attention on the application scope of activities started by governments. He is currently focusing on eID projects for the public sector, on which he is an expert, with his knowledge on, amongst other things, the application aims, relevant standards and specifications, legal conditions, and the rollout schedules of the various projects. His career in the industry spans over 20 years. He has published approximately approximately 50 papers and holds 40 patents.

ID Leadership Award

Jan Kretzschmer is considered by many the person responsible for the successful implementation of RFID within the aviation industry. He was the key person in implementation of the world’s first RFID-on-baggage solution for Hong Kong Airport and has distinguished himself by ensuring a place for Lyngsoe Systems’ as a world leader in the supply of RFID-based solutions. He is currently working on the implementation of RFID-on-baggage for the Milan Malpensa Airport, and for the Dubai International Airport that will be opened in 2008. His team is also the key player for the RFID integration project at Copenhagen International Airport for passengers and transit trolleys.

ID Limelight Award

Roberto Tunioli has used his unique leadership and entrepreneurial skills to transform a mid-size Italian company into one of the largest and best-known multi-national enterprises in the field of automatic data collection. Under his direct responsibility, Datalogic has increased its sales 10-fold in 13 years and is currently the third largest producer worldwide and leader in Europe for bar code readers, data collection mobile computers and RFID technology systems. He succeeded in transforming Datalogic into a global challenger and has ensured the company’s strength in Europe, Asia and North America. Currently, Datalogic holds approximately 25% of the world market in the sector of manual bar code readers and around 30% of that of bar code readers for industrial applications.

ID Trail Blazer Award

Remy de Tonnac, has 20 years experience in the smart card industry and is head of the leading semiconductor supplier of contactless cards and Near Field Communication ICs. His great sense of anticipation has pushed the company to become the leader in its sector. He is currently active in leading successful partnerships with other world leading organizations in different industry segments, such as worldwide banking, entertainment and media companies, these have led Inside Contactless to attain more than 60% of market share in the payment market. In addition, Inside Contactless is currently involved in many large-scale NFC pilot projects all over the world. His objective is to help build the NFC ecosystem, to support the creativity of developers and help them achieve the flurry of applications that will make NFC technology create a new “mobile way of life”.

ID Outstanding Achievement Award

Brig. Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi is one of the most influential people in Abu-Dhabi and the IT Industry. He has been involved in many successful strategic information and communication projects that have helped shape today’s United Arab Emirates and is the key person initiating the country’s implementation of smart card technology for identity verification projects. He was head of the steering committee and project manager when the United Arab Emirates’ national project was formed. He was instrumental in the project and the overall management of the implementation. He was also heavily involved in many successful IT implementations such as: iris biometric (UAE has now the largest iris database in the world), eGate project in all UAE airports and UAE national ID card. He is currently an active member of the federal e-Government committee. His outstanding leadership has helped develop Abu Dhabi Police into an extremely effective force operating in one of the world’s safest countries.

About ID People Awards

The ID People Awards are assigned each year to outstanding members of the ID Revolution community who have distinguished themselves in terms of commitment, leadership, creativity and innovation. The ID People Awards, sponsored by the publication ID People, are awarded in the following categories: ID Community Award, ID Leadership Award, ID Limelight Award, ID Trail Blazer Award and ID Outstanding Achievement Award. To see all the nominees, click here


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