ID WORLD International Congress: ID People Awards 2008

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The winners of this year’s ID People Awards – the Oscars of the Auto ID industry – were revealed on November 18th during the seventh ID WORLD International Congress, held in Milan. At the annual ceremony, awards were presented in recognition of the contribution made by thought leaders, innovators and pioneering adopters who distinguished themselves by their achievements during the past year.

Three Honorable Mentions

The organizers of the ID WORLD International Congress also presented an Honorable Mention to three distinguished leaders in the ID Community:

Honorable Mention Asset Tracking Forum

In his role at the European Commission, Gérald Santucci is untiring in his efforts to drive forward and foster a coherent European approach to RFID that ensures common standards, harmonized legislation and compatible guidelines. He leads the Commission’s efforts to analyze the rationale and options to create a policy framework for RFID, taking into account the ongoing open discussions with relevant stakeholders – consumers organizations, market actors, national and European authorities, and relevant international stakeholders – in order to avoid legal, ethical and economic discrepancies within Europe.

Honorable Mention Transportation Security Forum

Kamel Boussadia is the iAirport Solution Manager in the Security Solutions and Services activities from Thales. His group created the Thales Smart Corridor, one of the most advanced integrated security solutions for fast, comprehensive and effective screening of people at check points within critical infrastructures. Taking a holistic approach to the issue of secure passenger screening and queue-busting at airports, the Thales Smart Corridor is now being adopted in various contexts in which access control is of pivotal importance (ie Critical worker in Airport, critical event, etc..). It is based on a sophisticated mix of state-of-the-art identification, detection and inspection technologies and designed to carry out all screening procedures automatically (including an intelligent Data Fusion Engine), in the most rapid, seamless and user-friendly way.

Honorable Mention Electronic Passport Forum

A two-star General and Doctor of Law, Vasyl Gritsak had a brilliant career in the law enforcement field before entering the political field and becoming a Ukrainian MP. For years he has played a significant role in Ukrainian politics, establishing the legal framework for biometric national ID and travel documents in his young country (independent since 1991). He has been the political leader that has set the foundations for the Ukrainian ePassport, manufactured in Ukraine by the largest security company in Eastern Europe. Unlike the passports in Western Europe, the Ukrainian ePassport will store digital fingerprint images on a voluntary basis as of 2008, which will become mandatory after 2010. Introduction of the electronic national ID card is set to follow.

Two special awards

Two special awards to accompany the Big Five elected by the community:

ID Hall of Fame

Prof. Bo Gustafson is a faculty member of the Department of Astronomy at the University of Florida, Director for the university’s Laboratory for Astrophysics and president of Datagrid.

QUID Innovation Italy Award

Vincent Santacroce is ICT Director of Postal Services Business Unit, Poste Italiane. In this role, he has launched the “electronic postman” project in which 18,000 mailmen have been equipped with state-of-the-art portable terminals and printers that enable the Italian postal service to provide a wide portfolio of services (real-time proof of delivery, justices notifications, fines management, real-time telegram deliveries, mobile payments, traditional door-to-door post office services) to its customers. With the GPS-enabled terminals, a postman can scan the unique 2D barcode on the envelope being delivered at the moment it is dropped into the mailbox, capturing the ID data along with the corresponding position and timestamp as well as using it to optimize his daily movements. This is the first ICT project worldwide that will bring mobile technology to the last mile of the logistics process at such a large scale, involving within the next 24 months all of Poste Italiane’s 42,000 mailmen.

The Big Five

Five awards were handed out following the nomination and voting by the ID Community, who have supported the initiative with enthusiasm during the last months. More than 4,500 votes were collected in the three week election phase. The categories and winners are:

ID Community Award

Abdullah A. Ferdous is an independent consultant in the area of telecommunication policy formulation and project management, technology implementation and security (anticounterfeiting). He is currently working as Senior Consultant to the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of the Government of Bangladesh. He is a regular speaker at conferences on the topic of Registered Traveler programs, where he generously dedicates his time to bringing the sometimes overlooked viewpoint of developing countries. With almost all immigration coming from the developing world, it is important to find ways to smooth the pathway through the visa application and immigration process for travelers from these countries.

ID Leadership Award

Peter Collins is Founder and President of A2B Tracking Solutions, a pioneer in bar code technology and today a leader in automatic data capture solutions. Since US Department of Defense Unique Identification (UID) was launched in 2003, Peter Collins has worked closely with the DoD’s UID policy office. Under his leadership, A2B Tracking has developed a data management software solution for which the US Army has granted A2B a Certificate of Networthiness and he quickly became recognized as one of this country’s foremost experts in UID compliance. A2B Tracking has also been the sole provider of development, maintenance and technical support to more than 500 UPS Trackpad users around the world.

ID Limelight Award

Deniz Tuncalp is founder of Mobile Signature Service at Turkcell and the Mobile Signature project leader at GSM Association. Mobile Signature is an enabler technology that helps consumers to use digital signatures using their SIM cards and GSM phones. Deniz Tuncalp succeeded to create a sustainable business model that helped Turkcell to launch the world’s largest and most popular mobile electronic signature infrastructure supporting a variety of applications including strong authentication to government and banking portals, signing consumer contracts, withdrawing Money from ATMs and unlocking door locks, all with mobile signatures. Mobile signature represents a significant step in transforming a SIM card into a universal and legal identity card and making all digital transactions legally trustable and ultimately secured. This not only provides a greater convenience and security to end users, but also helps application providers to implement new business models based on mobile identity.

ID Trail Blazer Award

Professor Srini Devadas is Co-Founder and CTO of Verayo, a security and authentication technology provider that introduced security solutions based on “unclonable” silicon chips. At MIT, Professor Srini Devadas led the team of researchers that developed the core technology, called Physical Unclonable Functions (PUF), which makes silicon chips unclonable. PUF technology exploits the physical characteristics of the silicon and IC manufacturing process variations to uniquely characterize each and every silicon chip, providing a secure, low-cost mechanism to authenticate silicon chips.

ID Outstanding Achievement Award

Major General Shafiqul is Military Secretary of the Bangladesh Army, which has co-managed the Bangladesh Voter Registration Project with the Bangladesh Elections Commission. The project was launched to prepare biometric-based voter lists and issue national ID cards, in preparation for Bangladesh’s general elections to be held in December of 2008. The Army stepped in to assist in enrolling the citizens into the database with all the relevant biometric and biographical data, completing the mammoth task of registering more than 80 million voters with their photographs and fingerprints in just 11 months. In addition to helping ensure full and fair elections, the ability to verify one’s identity provides citizens access twenty-two different services managed or offered by the government.

About ID People Awards

The ID People Awards are assigned each year to outstanding members of the ID Revolution community who have distinguished themselves in terms of commitment, leadership, creativity and innovation. The ID People Awards, sponsored by the publication ID People, are awarded in the following categories: ID Community Award, ID Leadership Award, ID Limelight Award, ID Trail Blazer Award and ID Outstanding Achievement Award. To see all the nominees, click here



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