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The winners of this year’s ID People Awards – the Oscars of the Auto ID industry – were revealed on November 3rd during the seventh ID WORLD International Congress, held in Milan. At the annual ceremony, awards were presented in recognition of the contribution made by thought leaders, innovators and pioneering adopters who distinguished themselves by their achievements during the past year.

Three Honorable Mentions

The organizers of the ID WORLD International Congress also presented an Honorable Mention to three distinguished leaders in the ID Community:

Honorable Mention Asset Tracking Forum

Mr. Robert Leibrandt has been the champion for the adoption and implementation of International standards to uniquely identify, mark and register individual assets for use through life within the US Department of Defense and supplier communities. He is the chair of NATO Allied Committee 327, Working Group 5 which will propose lifecycle management guidance for NATO implementation of UID of Items, consistent with NATO Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 2290 titled “Unique Identification (UID) of Items”.

Honorable Mention Transportation Security Forum

Roy Braganza is the Director of Airport Services for remote check-In at American Airlines. The horizon of check-in choices for the airline traveler was broadened with a program he helped to develop and introduce. Working with Government Federal agencies, the Coast Guard, Transportation Security Administration, and US Customs Border Protection, this program enabled the passenger to be processed while still onboard the cruise ship, at major convention centers, and an increasing number of hotel chains. In providing these alternatives, congestion was noticeably reduced at airport terminals. The success of this program has been a substantial cost savings to American Airlines since its implementation in 2005.

Honorable Mention Citizen ID Forum

As Chairman of the EU Article 6 technical committee, the Brussels Interoperability Group (BIG), Bob Carter has over the past year successfully ensured European harmonisation of the EAC specification and through the various testing events and meetings provided to member states the firm platform that ensured interoperability can be achieved. All European member states were required to issue the 2nd Generation Passport (EAC) from 28 June 2009. Not all managed to hit the deadline date but the majority did.. Bob is passionate about achieving seamless interoperability and is very keen to keep technical issues as simple as possible to ensure a wider understanding of the issues. A vital ingredient when dealing with the complex architecture required for PKI. Bob is engaged by the UK Identity and Passport Service to advise on their PKI, Encryption and chip strategy.

Four special awards

Four special awards to accompany the Big Five elected by the community:

ID Hall of Fame

Dr. Ali Al Khouri has recently been appointed Acting General Director of the Emirates Identity Authority and is a widely published author in the field of eGovernment, electronic identification systems and ID projects. He was in the EIDA during different periods of its development and became a member of the ID Cards Project Executive Committee in its early days of being established in the Ministry of the Interior. Dr. Ali Al Khouri served in Abu Dhabi Police G.H.Q for about fourteen years as development manager. During such period, he worked on different strategic projects, including E-Government Portal, Abu Dhabi Traffic & Licensing System, Criminal Security System, ISO, Eye Scan System and other vital projects.

QUID Innovation Italy Award

Prof. Carlo Maria Medaglia, Professor at Sapienza University and Coordinator of Cattid Lab, for his role as a catalyst in the Italian scenario of auto ID. By fostering the collaboration between the academic world, the world of enterprises and the world of public administration, he provided the impulse for numerous projects carried out together with big and small players, successfully participating in public tenders. Some examples are the Sesamonet (EU/FP 6), StoLPaN (EU/FP 6), Impulso/Slimport/Logon/Motus projects, all part of the “Industry 2015” funding decree of the Ministry of Economic Development. He founded and grew four different research laboratories (RFID Lab, Lua, Label, Multimedia Lab) that currently employ a full time staff of 40 researchers. In addition to these, a new RFID laboratory will soon be active at the Tibirtine Technopole, born from the collaboration with the Technology Transfer Center and ElsagDatamat (part of Finmeccanica Group), with whom the researchers coordinated by him are currently developing four major projects.

NFC Academy Award

Gerald Madlmayr has been dealing with NFC Technology since 2005. He is an authority on NFC technology and applications and is actively participating in the standardization of NFC. He was responsible for one of the most sophisticated NFC trials already launched back in 2006 in Austria. His work is mirrored in several international publications. Mr. Madlmayr is working as an independent telco and smart card consultant in Vienna.

Sustainability Summit Award

Achim Steiner is Under-Secretary General of the United Nations and executive director of the UN environment programme (UNEP) and the Climate Neutral Network. His motivation is inspired by a simple idea that a transformation to a low, even zero emission future is a learning process. This global networking platform helps make the best knowledge on climate neutrality available to all.

The Big Five

Five awards were handed out following the nomination and voting by the ID Community, who have supported the initiative with enthusiasm during the last months. More than 4,500 votes were collected in the three week election phase. The categories and winners are:

ID Community Award

Mr. Paul McKeown leads IBM’s Customs, Ports and Border Management initiative in Northern Europe. He has worked with clients in Government, Travel and the Banking Industry to help introduce new technologies to their business and to improve the security, safety and convenience of modern borders. He is a prominent member of the ID Management community and well known for fostering good relationships between vendors. He believes strongly that collaboration and openness results in a better solution for clients and an increased market opportunity. He is an active participant in key industry groups and published many papers and presentations on a range of topics related to ID management. Paul has had a long career at IBM holding a number of senior positions including Global Leader of IBM Smart Card Solutions, European Leader for Wireless e-Business in the Finance sector and a variety of posts in Marketing, Development and Sales. Most recently he had a key role in the winning proposal for a large scale biometric system in Europe and is now working on a project to provide secure messaging for mobile identity checks.


ID Leadership Award

Akio Miyaji is key to the success behind the Universal Postal Union’s recently announced global implementation of a new tracking program for international letter mail as part of its Global Monitoring System using an RFID portal. The GMS is one of the most important quality of service improvement projects ever initiated by the UPU. Thanks to a design architecture based on open standards, the GMS will not be tied down to any specific RFID technology, and will provide users with the flexibility to integrate the GMS with their internal measurement systems in the future if they so wish. The GMS is a UPU quality measurement system for letter mail applicable to all UPU members. The plan is that this system will eventually be applied to all UPU member postal operators. The UPU is the intergovernmental network of national postal services and a specialized agency of the United Nations.

ID Limelight Award

Marc Stern is a consultant to the European Commission and is an expert in Information Systems Security, with a strong focus on Public Key Infrastructures, smart cards, eID systems, and Web applications security. Marc is the technical architect representing Belgium in WP5, and leading the STORK security group. He is heavily involved in an open source Web Application Firewall project, by providing extensions to ModSecurity and Apache (support of real-time X.509 certificate validation via the OCSP protocol, SSL/TLS error. During the last 10 years, he worked within the private sector (financial market, manufacturing industries) and a lot within the Belgian public sector (Belgian Government, Belgian Social Security, European Commission) where he participated on major national and international projects, like the architecture of the Belgian eID card, SIS card, PKI for European Commission, qualified signatures and timestamping for Belgian Notaries, combined payment card for transport, digital signature for European Commission.

ID Trail Blazer Award

David G.W. Birch is a Director of Consult Hyperion, which he helped to found in 1986 and advises private and public sector customers in Europe, America and Asia on auto ID, smart card and NFC business models and strategy. He is well known for his visionary ideas in the market – many of whihc have been known to come about. Described by The Independent newspaper in 2004 as a ‘grade-A geek’, and by the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation in 2005 as ‘one of the most user-friendly of the UK’s uber-techies’, Dave is a member of the advisory board for European Business Review and UK correspondent to the Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce. He has lectured to MBA level on the impact of new information and communications technologies, written for publications ranging from the Parliamentary IT Review to Financial World and is well-known for his more than 100 “Second Sight” columns in The Guardian’s Online supplement.

ID Outstanding Achievement Award

Mr. Malik brings 19 years of strategic management experience in implementing high profile citizen centric technology solutions for the governments of the United States of America, Canada, Germany, Bahrain and Pakistan. He is well-known in the project and technology management as a successful CIO, Senior Consultant Information Systems, Speaker, Writer, Trainer and Researcher of Information Technology in Public Sector. Under his leadership, “Citizen Registration” has increased to 75 million, making Pakistan housing World largest biometric database. He has dynamically led the implementation of a financial inclusion program targeting 3.5 million poorest of the poor of the country, who would be utilizing this card for Cash Subsidies, Health Insurance and Financial Transactions. Banazir Income Support programme (BISP) has been acknowledged as one of the world’s largest Conditional Cash Transfer programs by World Bank and other international financial institutions. Additionally, Pakistan has seen a massive displacement of its citizen due to “War on Terror” in the north of the country. Under his management, NADRA on behalf of government disbursed transparently cash of over 7.5 Billion rupees (Approx. US$ 90 Million) successfully to 300,000 affecters’ families using ATM cards.

About ID People Awards

The ID People Awards are assigned each year to outstanding members of the ID Revolution community who have distinguished themselves in terms of commitment, leadership, creativity and innovation. The ID People Awards, sponsored by the publication ID People, are awarded in the following categories: ID Community Award, ID Leadership Award, ID Limelight Award, ID Trail Blazer Award and ID Outstanding Achievement Award. To see all the nominees, click here


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