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ID Community Award

The ID Community Award is assigned to the person who has most generously dedicated time and effort for the sake of supporting the activities of the ID Community.

The five candidates are:

Mohamed Al Qaed
Chris Diorio
Philippe Gautier
Stephan Haller
Andreas Sasinski

Mohamed Al Qaed
CEO, eGovernment Authority Bahrain

For helping create and establish the eGovernment Authority (eGA) in the Kingdom of Bahrain as an internationally renowned organization. The eGA has been acknowledged for its great success and has achieved the 1st rank in the GCC, 3rd in Asia and 13th worldwide as per the UN report. It is merit to Mohamed Al Qaed’s determination and great leadership that such worldwide recognition is attributed and strengthening the work and influence of the ID community worldwide.

Chris Diorio
Chairman/CTO, Impinj

For his unwavering work in making profound contributions to the RFID industry – from driving standards to evangelizing end users for pioneering innovations. Chris Diorio envisions a future where RFID is as ubiquitous as the barcode, but he understands what challenges remain before that time is reached. He has dedicated himself to overcoming these obstacles by continuing to ease adoption for end-users and driving the efforts to create secure standards they can rely on. Through his generous contributions of time and effort towards standards development throughout the past year, in particular on developing the Gen2 V2 specification, Chris Diorio has continuously dedicated himself to bettering the ID community.

Philippe Gautier
Founding Member, Société Européenne de l’Internet (SEI)

For his landmark work surrounding the conception and realization of information systems to meet the new challenges of sensory technologies – such as NFC, RFID, Barcodes, GPS, etc. – and fully open value chain. He is also the founder and managing director of Business2Any, a company specialized in the programming of complex (Complex systems), decentralized and distributed systems and software (Distributed computing) for the Internet of Things. Among other things, he was the first to implement all EPCglobal standardized technologies in Europe (including RFID/UHF/GEN2, EPCIS and an independent ONS root(Object Naming Service[2]) in an innovative pilot.

Stephan Haller
Architect – Internet of Things, SAP (Switzerland)

For his work in RFID standardization, research and development activities at SAP. Having been developing technologies relating to the Internet of Things for many years, he is deeply involved in European research activities in this area, in particular regarding RFID and wireless sensor networks. Stephan Haller has been responsible for the acquisition and management of several publicly funded research projects like IoT-A, SENSEI, SmartProducts and CoBIs. He regularly serves as a reviewer and expert for scientific conferences and research organizations and was also a member of the RFID Expert Group of the European Commission.

Andreas Sasinski
GM Marketing & Sales, Melzer

For his contribution over many years to the development of key business relations while serving the cards and identification industry both in Europe and the rest of the world. Andreas Sasinski’s experience and tireless work has contributed to the growth of the industry – meeting new challenges, embracing new technologies and reaching new markets.

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