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ID Outstanding Achievement Award

The ID Outstanding Achievement Award is assigned to the person who has produced the most concrete results in the field of auto ID.

The five candidates are:

Martin Bayer
Maarten Bron
Sergey Matveyev
Chris Paget
Patrick Sweeney II

Martin Bayer
CEO, Raumedic

For the development of a new RFID telemetric intracranial pressure monitoring device. Continuous monitoring an implant was developed and wireless (RFID) data transmission was implemented, showing with this implant, the skin still serves as natural barrier against infections (i.e. no risk of infection) and furthermore, the patient remains completely mobile. The results determined in lab and animal model show that this telemetric sensor complies well with a conventional catheter regarding ICP range, dynamics, and fine structure. Hence, this implant is a fundamental part for reliably controlling a shunt valve, which only drains as and when required.

Maarten Bron
Director Collis Innovation, Collis

For his innovative work as a leading authority in the field of ‘applied smartcard science’, especially in verticals where smartcards are used for payments (EMV, NFC, contactless payments, e-Ticketing etc) and his significant contributions to the adaptation of EMV globally. More specifically he is involved in the mobile wallet where mobile phones will become the channel of choice to bridge the gap between the internet and the real world.

Sergey Matveyev
CEO, Eligovision

For the development of Optical Tracking – a special technology that lays the foundation for interacting with the virtual world. This technology is used for defining the position and orientation of a real object in a virtual environment. Three spatial coordinates (x, y, z) and three angles (α, β, λ) define the position and orientation in space. Position and orientation of a real object in space are traced using special sensors and markers. The sensors receive the signal from the moving real object and transmit the information to the computer. Under this system, tracking can be compared to eyes and ears of a VR system.

Chris Paget
Chief Hacker, Recursion Ventures

For her outstanding research in the RFID security and work in securing everyday items and access control security surrounding the technology landscape and the forces that combine to enable threats to industry, putting ideas for remediating them in a brand new light. She also works on assessing parallel developments in the world’s largest Internet companies and how they address threats in novel ways that are directly applicable to industry by demonstrating a path to better ways of mitigating risk using surprising sources of inspiration.

Patrick Sweeney II
President/CEO, Odin RFID

For spearheading an RFID solution for Vail Resort’s new breakthrough social media program, with full integration into Facebook, Twitter, SMS, etc. Vail has deployed five mountains with Odin, with hundreds of RFID readers, across thousands of miles of ski-runs, showing pass holders have skied more than 25 billion vertical feet so far last season and recorded with accuracy with Odin’s RFID software – EasyEdge. Each one of the skiers is measured by the RFID Software, which integrates real time physical world data into a unique virtual experience produced by Vail Resorts called EpicMix.

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