ID WORLD International Congress: ID WORLD 2010

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A global presence with record conference attendance at 9th ID WORLD International Conference, the global thought-leadership symposium on security mobility and wireless technologies

Dignitaries and luminaries from six continents, including high-ranking government representatives, as well as 65 leading CEOs who spoke at the event, convened to share their vision, achievements and forward-thinking policies at ID WORLD in Milan from November 16 to 18, 2010, which expanded its influence and leading position as the premier event for the auto ID industry.

With the global auto ID industry and ID WORLD audience of governments, technology end-users, vendors and integrators converging on Milan for the ninth annual thought leadership symposium on automatic identification, ID WORLD celebrated its greatest success to date. The event attracted the most highly representative global audience with vertical initiatives taking off in 2010, addressing key market segments, such as Healthcare, Public Sector, Transportation and Postal.

Over three days, 541 conference delegates contributed with active engagement in 25 conference streams, while at the ID WORLD Exhibition, 103 exhibitors showcased their solutions in all areas of mobility, wireless and security technology.

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ID WORLD Conference

This year’s ID WORLD Conference, held in Milan from November 16 to 18, saw world-class quality in terms of speakers and the content of the presentations. Topics ranged from across the spectrum of auto ID solutions and applications, and discussions were length and lively throughout the event.

New special initiatives and 25 conferences organized in streams, enabled attendees to find the right information appropriate to their requirement and interest. Government representation from around the world, as well as the participation of pioneering adopters and suppliers of leading edge technology for state-of-the-art solutions, granted lively debate throughout the three day think tank. 65 Chief Executive Officers took to the stage at the event, presenting their vision and offering thought-leadership to the international ID community – stretching from Asia and Europe to North and South America, and from the Middle East to Africa and Australia. “We have reached an important milestone this year,” said Sophie B. de la Giroday, President of Wise Media. “Automatic identification has for years been perceived as being at the core of the ICT Revolution, enabling object-to-object communications. Today, its potential is enjoying growing attention in many vertical sectors in both the public and private spheres. This is the year, with the Indian unique ID project taking centre stage with its ambition to unequivocally identify individuals within a single population of 1.2 billion citizens, the ID Community was able to focus on a key aspect of identification. As for the first time, there is a broader perception of strong identity being a fundamental right of the citizen and a key enabler of the allocation rights and services,” she added.

Throughout the ID WORLD Conference, a variety of topics were aired and debated in detail over all three days – from citizen-centric services and border control to hub security, wireless technologies, supply chain management, anti-counterfeiting and secure identity management in almost every industry sector. High profile government figures brought their individual vision and experience to the table of innovation from countries within the European Union, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Brazil, USA and the Middle East. In addition, leading decision makers debated a variety of topics including security and traceability, critical infrastructure management, anti-counterfeiting measures and state-of-the-art inspection techniques. Special initiatives covered a range of issues, industry advancements and technological innovations in the healthcare, postal and sustainability market sectors. In total 541 high-caliber conference attendees participated in ID WORLD this year.

Beyond the ID WORLD classic Forums on Asset Tracking, Citizen ID and Transportation Security, dedicated programs saw new players bring their thought leadership to this year’s symposium: Postal Innovation focused on the status of the most advanced projects in the postal industry world-wide. HealthTech Innovation saw a new task force to convene to address the requirements of end-users, system integrators and technology suppliers involved in the creation of the future ICT infrastructure supporting security and traceability in the world of healthcare. This year’s Sustainability Summit Sessions launched targeted focus working groups within the ID WORLD community to drive key industries to change their paradigms for a sustainable, cost-efficient and profitable future.

ID WORLD Exhibition

With 103 exhibitors in 2010, ID WORLD confirmed its position as the must-attend event for executives involved in the ID Revolution, offering the most complete dedicated showcase of state-of-the-art components and solutions based on automatic identification technologies. More than 2,315 individual visitors attended the event, which is one of the few global events where the full range of advanced automatic ID technologies, including RFID, biometrics, smart cards and AIDC – data capture, are displayed under one roof.

Many thanks to all who contributed to the success of ID WORLD 2010!


Sophie B. de la Giroday

Sophie B. de la Giroday
President – Wise Media SpA

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