ID WORLD International Congress: ID WORLD 2010 Abu Dhabi

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Interviews at ID WORLD 2010 Abu Dhabi

Ratan Bajaj – Income Tax Department India
Ratan Bajaj, Commissioner Income Tax Department, India, explains India’s Unique Identification Authority’s role in the issuance of biometric based UID cards.

Dr. Mohammad Benten – Saudi Post
Dr. Mohammad Benten, Chairman and President of Saudi Post, outlines the development of modern e-strategies around the concept of postal delivery.

Dr. Khaled Almazroui – Fujairah Airport
Dr. Khaled Almazroui, General Manager of Fujairah Airport, speaks about both cargo and passenger security to ensure proper screening prior to take-off.

Ms Elham Mohammed Saleh – Central informatics Organization – Bahrain
Elham Mohammed Saleh, Census Director, CIO, Bahrain outlines the rapid development of a new government driven e-citizen ID card scheme.

Min. Suvi Lindén – Minister of Communications, Finland
Min. Suvi Lindén, Minister of Communications, Finland, explains the legislative effort involved in the continued development of wireless technology in many sectors.

Dr. Suzan Ahmed – UAE Ministry of Health
Dr. Suzan Ahmed from the UAE Ministry of Health, explains the overall vision of the Ministry’s healthcare ID goals and the capture of secure data.

Muhammad Nasir – Emirates International Hospital
Muhammad Nasir, HR Manager, of the Emirates International Hospital, stresses the need for patient ID solutions to provide accurate data collection in healthcare.

Brig. Saleh Al Kubaisi – Director Info Systems MOI Qatar
Brig. Saleh Al Kubaisi, Director Info Systems, MOI Qatar, outlines the current status of Qatar’s National ID enrolment with integrated citizen-centric services.

Khaled Al Amri – EBTCo
Khaled Al Amri, CEO of Ebtco, discusses the use of small disposable RIFD tags for a variety of applications in healthcare such as infant protection.

Giulio Berzuini – Datalogic Scanning
Giulio Berzuini, VP Sales & Marketing, Datalogic Scanning, speaks about challenges in auto ID solutions and factors governing the integration of various technologies.

Jean-Philippe Betoin – Cassis International
Jean-Philippe Betoin, General Manger Europe, Cassis International, discusses applications surrounding NFC in government-based schemes.

Majed Bin Anzzan – Saudi Post
Majed Bin Anzzan, General Manager Operations, Saudi Post, explains the e-mall initiative for establishing an electronic market place in Saudi Arabia.

Don Chamblin – ABnote
Don Chamblin, VP Global Sales, ABnote, talks on the continued adoption and growth of plastic card technology in the government sector.

Bento Correia – Visionbox
Bento Correia, CEO of Vision-box, explains a two-stage automatic border control system for on chip document authentication and automatic recognition at e-gates.

Alain Fanet – Tagsys
Alain Fanet, CEO of Tagsys, defines RFID’s mass adoption across multiple market segments such as supply chain and emerging areas in healthcare.

Simone Ferretti – Daxo
Simone Ferretti, CEO of Daxo, explains the combination of technologies to integrate soft and hard solutions in the supply chain for high activity production lines.

Walter Gritzner – Keba
Walter Gritzner, Business Manager, Keba, discusses the logistics of integrating smart hardware and software into existing postal networks.

Pankaj Jain – Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company
Pankaj Jain, Payments Manager at du Telecom, outlines developments in e-transactions and a pilot of an NFC-based mobile payments scheme in Dubai.

Grégoire Jean – Xiring
Grégoire Jean, Product Manager, Xiring, discusses the deployment of smart cards in the French healthcare system for a fully electronic based solution.

Tariq Maliq – Nadra
Tariq Maliq, Deputy Chairman, Nadra, discusses the eID registration process in Pakistan and the provision of social services e-progams based on ID management.

Frank Marthaler – Swiss Post
Frank Marthaler, Executive Manager, Swiss Post, explains Post 2.0 and the development of services based around the cyber and digital worlds.

Akio Miyaji – Universal Postal Union
Akio Miyaji, Quality of Service Coordinator, UPU, speaks on new standards and regulations connecting physical and virtual networks in a postal environment.

Bertrand Moussel – Inside Contactless
Bertrand Moussel, VP Sales, Inside Contactless, outlines the need to bring together technologies to create building blocks for using contactless and NFC.

Maximilien N’Guyen – Sagem Orga
Maximilien N’Guyen, VP ID and Access, Sagem Orga, discusses issues surrounding technology developments for secure digital networks in e-commerce.

Sertac Özinal – BKM
Sertac Özinal, CEO, BKM Interbank Card Centre, discusses Turkey’s leading role in card services migration and the integration of NFC technologies.

Juergen Pampus – Cognitec Systems
Juergen Pampus, Co-founder, Cognitec Systems, describes face recognition technology and its evolution as a reliable form of identification.

Paolo Pepori – Gep
Paolo Pepori, CEO, Gep, explains a vertically integrated approach niche market players can take in the development of e-passports.

Dr. Jean Salomon – JSalomon Consulting
Dr. Jean Salomon, Principal, JSalomon Consulting, talks about the key challenges for border control the industry faces, such as authenticity of breeder documents.

Oliver Schulz – Zebra
Oliver Schulz, EMEA Sales Director Aviation, Zebra, explains challenges in the aviation industry for efficient aircraft handling on the ground.

Pierre Servettaz – Gemalto
Pierre Servettaz, VP Business Development ME, Gemalto, discusses the introduction of eIDs with particular reference to border control in the Middle East region.

Philip Tusa – Aoptix Technologies
Philip Tusa, VP Biometric Programs, Aoptix Technologies, speaks on capture volume to allow multiple on-board biometric authentication using iris recognition.

Richard Wishart – Delivery Management
Richard Wishart, MD, Delivery Management, explains why ID and the postal domains of physical, virtual and financial should overlap for posts to ensure growth.

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