ID WORLD International Congress: J. Anthony Ogden

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J. Anthony Ogden

Inspector General – United States Government Printing Office

Speaks at ID WORLD on Secure Identification

J. Anthony “Tony” Ogden is Inspector General for the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) in Washington, D.C. GPO produces e-Passports for the Department of State, as well as Trusted Traveler cards for the Department of Homeland Security. As Inspector General, Ogden oversees audits and criminal investigations of GPO’s programs and operations, directing efforts to ensure effective oversight of agency critical operations during its unprecedented digital transformation.

During his tenure in the Office of Inspector General, Ogden has participated in and overseen several audits, inspections, and investigations related to the safe and secure manufacturing of passports. Among them, blank passport transportation security, passport product cost recovery, blank passport product integrity and security, e-Passport production and operating system security, and security of the e-Passport supply chain.

Previous to his work at GPO, Ogden was Litigation and Compliance Counsel for the National Association of Attorneys General and an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Colorado. He also worked as an attorney in private practice focusing on civil litigation and administrative law. Ogden is a 1984 honors graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder and received his Juris Doctor degree in 1993 from the University of Denver, College of Law.

“E-Passport security – Ensuring the integrity and protection of the supply chain”

As electronic, machine-readable passports become the “gold standard” in identification, the absence of adequate supply chain security leaves the integrity of e-Passports vulnerable to a variety of threats. The need for robust security over the e-Passport supply chain is an essential yet often overlooked component.

The e-Passport supply chain is vast, in some cases consisting of up to 60 or more commercial suppliers located in various jurisdictions. Ensuring the integrity of e- Passport production requires a formal security oversight process of the entire supply chain – the network of product suppliers used to produce, store, and transport e-Passports. That formal process should consist of formulating and publishing clear and specific directives that assign responsibilities to the various organizations, ensuring that appropriate personnel review all proposed e-Passport contracting actions, and establishing a formal assessment process for e-Passport suppliers. So, how adequate is the security over your e-Passport supply chain?

The GPO OIG recently completed an audit to answer that question. The audit identified several issues relating to the nature of the supply chain security review process, contract relationships and security requirements with suppliers/vendors, and single points of failure. The OIG made several recommendations to further improve the security of the U.S. e-Passport supply chain.

Following a brief review of the OIG audit findings and recommendations, the presentation will offer examples and suggestions to help identify vulnerabilities and ensure the security of the e-Passport supply chain. Among the points for discussion:

– The importance of conducting a supply chain audit.

– Elements of a formal supply chain security review process.

– Ensuring proper contractual relationships with vendors/suppliers.

– Identifying and mitigating single point of failure risks.

– Safe and secure storage and transportation of blank passports.


Speaking on November 16

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