ID WORLD International Congress: Jacob Johnsen

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Jacob Johnsen

Hybrid Mail consultant – iPostes

Speaks at ID WORLD on Asset Tracking

Having worked for more than 25 years in the postal and telecommunications industries, Jacob Johnsen has made his focus hybrid mail and electronic services. Following years as a senior executive at the head of various companies, he decided to focus on the strategic positioning of hybrid mail and its many aspects. He has been offering his services to users of hybrid mail, helped more than 20 postal organizations world-wide.

“Why some countries are taking a leap ahead by introducing hybrid mail”

An increasing number of posts are turning to hybrid mail to expand their portfolio and to offer new services to large and medium mailers. For advanced posts this has become a standard offering, and is now fully integrated into both postal logistics and the commercial package offered by these posts. Now a new breed of posts are turning to hybrid mail: in developing countries posts are finding the benefits of hybrid mail extremely compelling to improve the service, the quality and the revenue of the posts.

Based on a very affordable technology the results so far have been impressive, with postal operators seeing huge increases in hybrid mail volumes. The jump to hybrid mail solves numerous issues for senders and posts, and helps develop the postal infrastructure in challenging environments. On top of this, the present reduction in postal volumes is pushing for an increased use of hybrid mail, so despite mail volume reduction in general, hybrid mail volumes are actually increasing in many countries.

With experience from hybrid mail in more than 25 countries on 5 continents, Jacob Johnsen put this development into perspective. What are the main drivers these days, what lessons can be learned and how to benefit from hybrid mail right now? For more than a decade the ePOST technology has evolved, and is now bringing efficient hybrid mail at affordable prices, yet with an ever expanding functionality. Further information may be found on

Speaking on November 18

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