ID WORLD International Congress: Jan Boen

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Jan Boen

Vice President of Business Development – EyeDPro

Speaks at ID WORLD on Transportation Security

Jan Boen has over 20 years of experience in IT and Telecom business development, consulting and solution design. Since 2005 Jan has been working in automatic identification, tracking & tracing and real time business intelligence provided as Software as a Service (SaaS). His main industry domain expertise is the Air Transport Industry (ATI), Military and IT/Telecom. Jan holds an Engineering Degree and MSc. Jan resides in Belgium.

“Security beyond the borders of a single technology accurate vision gives better results”

Anything that moves from point A to point B, whether be human assets such as passengers at an airport or physical assets such as vehicles and the goods they carry, requires real time vision in order to provide ultimate security as well as ultimate customer service.

Over the last decade, multiple technologies have come about to accomplish each part of this movement separately. Because of globalization, as well as increasingly important security issues, although the technologies were effective, there have been growing number of “gaps” in these movements of assets as the technologies worked independent of each other. The “gaps” block the vision for each business at certain intervals. So the “ultimate security” is really never achieved. Most businesses have invested millions of dollars in building infrastructure to reach the ultimate vision.

The presentation begins with market statistics and trends for transporting of assets. The movements can be inside a building or out on open land. The existing “gaps” between points of movement can be detrimental to securing the business. The paper will show how to achieve this “ultimate” security and thus “ultimate customer service” by closing these gaps so the vision is accurate and clear.

The audience will learn the tools to achieve the results by not having to change their IT infrastructure, their hardware as well as software. They will also see how important it is to close the gaps within the transport movements of assets anywhere in the world. At the end of the presentation, they will have a clear view of what these tools are.

Speaking on November 18

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