ID WORLD International Congress: Jeannie Cameron

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Jeannie Cameron

Ext. Affairs & Intl. Adv. Mgr., Anti-Illicit Trade – British American Tobacco

Speaks at ID WORLD on Anti-counterfeiting

Jeannie Cameron is Head of International Advocacy for BAT responsible for BAT Group strategy on anti illicit trade advocacy and engagement. This includes co-ordination of the Group’s advocacy on the development of the WHO FCTC Protocol on Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products and direct engagement with international government organisations such as the WTO, WHO, OECD and WCO. Jeannie sits on BAT’s Anti Illicit Trade Leadership Team and its Global Excise Team. She was also on BAT’s Track and Trace and Digital Tax Verification Project Board. Jeannie joined BAT in 2001 as a specialist in public policy and international government negotiations. She has a degree in Political Science, in Finance and a Masters in Law.

“The illicit trade in tobacco – a global problem needing global action”

The illicit trade in tobacco products – smuggled, tax evaded and counterfeit – is enormous and growing. It is estimated that up to 660 billion illegal cigarettes are smoked every year – as much as 12% of world tobacco consumption by some accounts. legitimate tobacco companies pay significant amounts of exise tax every year – around US $35 billion from British Amercian Tobacco alone. It follows that government losses globally from illicit trade are huge – estimated at up to $US40 billion per year in unpaid tax worldwide. An international treaty is soon to be concluded which hopes to address the issue covering global supply chain security, international cooperation and enforcement – but will it be enough to address the issue? Jeannie Cameron, BAT’s Head of International Advocacy will discuss these issues and the global impact of illict trade on the economic and social fabric of society, including the increasing role of organised crime in the scenario.

Speaking on November 17

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