ID WORLD International Congress: Jeroen de Groot

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Jeroen de Groot

Senior Director, Marketing & Innovation – Assembléon

Speaks at ID WORLD on Sustainability

Jeroen de Groot has a Masters degree in Technology Management from the University of Eindhoven and has been Assembléon’s Senior Director of Marketing since 2008. His career at Assembléon started 12 years ago and took him from Eindhoven to Singapore, Hong Kong and back to Veldhoven.

In his current position, Jeroen’s responsibilities include converting technical, geographical and customer trends and opportunities into a long term strategy. From that, he develops shorter term Innovation plans to introduce new products, concepts and technologies into the market.

“Six ways to excel sustainable electronics manufacturing”

Many of the well known brands in the electronics industry have embraced the theme of sustainability to support their image. Some even as a differentiator to set themselves apart from the competition, acknowledged by third parties. But these objectives and recognitions are still mainly at the level of the end product. What about a sustainable production chain. And what if you choose to set up a sustainable production chain, what are the main elements to keep in mind?

First, we need to look a bit deeper in the meaning of sustainability. Because the environment is not the only element that matters within this concept. At Philips, we use the ‘Triple P’ philosophy when it comes to sustainable developments: People, Planet, Profit. We are all in business together, and there is nothing wrong with earning a buck from our activities. But we have to do that responsibly, towards the world we live in and the people we share the world with. Sustainability is about the entire concept of well-being.  And to improve this well-being, Philips’ Ecovision is one of the main concepts within our company that supports this goal. It uses six focal areas of electronics manufacturing that we would like to share at The Sustainability Summit in Milano this year. Together, these six areas of improvement are under your own control to further boost your contribution to the well-being of us all. And with combined efforts, we all might be the driving force to help standardize these initiatives to really excel sustainable electronic manufacturing.


Speaking on November 17

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