ID WORLD International Congress: Johnny Hazboun

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Johnny Hazboun


Speaks at ID WORLD on Fashion @ ID WORLD

Johnny Hazboun brings over 12 years of experience in strategic management and market development in the IT and Healthcare industries in both the Middle East and the United States. At TJS, Johnny is spearheading the company’s expansion into the US market and commercializing its current and upcoming products into new market segments. Before joining TJS, he served as head of marketing at Imperial College London Diabetes Centre where he conducted the largest diabetes awareness campaign in the UAE thus far. In 2005, he introduced wireless broadband to deliver video surveillance across multiple areas in the Middle East. In Silicon Valley, Johnny successfully commercialized a niche healthcare product to the airline industry. Johnny holds a Bachelor of Science from San Francisco State University

Tracking as a service (TaaS) facilitates RFID adoption in retail

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology can track jewelry store inventory in ways that traditional inventory counting systems cannot match. But many RFID systems are too expensive and unwieldy for most retail environments, especially in the small to mid-size jewelry stores that form the majority of the market.

Tracking-as-a-Service (TaaS) provides an alternative deployment model for item-level inventory tracking that makes the benefits of RFID more affordable to jewelry businesses of all sizes. Rather than buying and maintaining expensive servers, and RFID hardware and software, jewelers can simply pay a modest monthly subscription fee. The monthly or annual subscription fee is often less than the loss it prevents, so jewelers can quickly earn a return on their investment in TaaS.

How effective can it be? For one example, over 2.5 million jewelry items, worth over $800 million, have been tagged and tracked using the TaaS approach, with literally zero shrink.

Attendees will learn:

o About an alternative deployment model for item-level tracking

o How RFID implementations can reduce retail shrinkage

o How to address high upfront investment in RFID



Speaking on November 17

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