ID WORLD International Congress: Joseph E. Krull

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Joseph E. Krull

Senior Manager, Security – Accenture

Speaks at ID WORLD on Wireless Identification

Joseph E. Krull is currently a Senior Manager in Accenture’s Technology Consulting Security Group working on major security and compliance projects and initiatives. Mr. Krull has been a security professional for more than 30 years, previously serving as the Security Director for Accenture’s largest Government services project. Prior to joining Accenture in 2005, Krull was a Chief Security Officer for Fortune 500/Global 1000 companies, an independent security consultant and a senior intelligence and security officer for the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency at American embassies overseas. He has worked in more than 100 countries and is a frequent public speaker on security and privacy matters. Krull holds multiple international security and audit certifications and in 2006 he served as Vice Chairman of the ASIS International IT Security Council and was inducted into the Institute of Information Security Professionals.

“Utility smart meters and infrastructure – security and privacy implications”

Utility companies around the world are rapidly embracing wireless smart meters as part of their energy and resource conservation programs. Smart meters significantly speed up the time it takes utility companies to measure the consumption of electricity, water and gas and identify critical service disruptions. Coupled with smart in-home devices, smart meters allow consumers to see how much energy they are using in real time and make conscious decisions to use appliances during non-peak times when energy can be less costly. Millions of smart meters are now being deployed and the use of smart meters and infrastructure present new security and privacy challenges. It’s now theoretically possible to use smart meter data to determine how many people live at a particular address, the daily habits of these people and even what time of day they take showers or baths. Privacy protection and proper use of the data resulting from smart meters will affect the overall success of smart meter programs as consumers need to be assured that their data will be properly protected and not be used for unrestricted marketing. From a security perspective, the integrity of the meter data will be essential for proper billing and positive identification of all of the individual meters will guard against data manipulation or masquerading as an authorized device to negatively impact the utility infrastructure. This presentation will present some of the security and privacy challenges of smart meter programs and offer some practices to support a successful smart meter program.


Speaking on November 16

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