ID WORLD International Congress: Klaus U. Klosa

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Klaus U. Klosa

CEO – Legic Identsystems

Speaks at ID WORLD on Transactions @ ID WORLD

Mr. Klaus U. Klosa is CEO of LEGIC Identsystems, where he is successfully driving the worldwide growth of the LEGIC Contactless Multi-ISO Smart Card Technology.

He has worked in the contactless industry for over 20 years. The focus during his first five years at Temic Semiconductors was RFID for container and animal identification as well as car immobilizers. He then joined Infineon Technologies for another five years, where he was responsible for all contactless smart card activities.

Klaus U. Klosa did actively contribute to the 13.56MHz ISO standards and holds several patents in his field. He is a graduate Engineer in Electronics and accomplished an executive management program at IMD, Lausanne.

“Payment is not enough – how to make contactless payment cards and NFC phones useful”

Contactless credit cards, like Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass, are spreading more and more around the globe. The upcoming NFC-enabled phones shall be the next technology platform which shall bring the break through for letting people spend their money contactless.

But less than 1% of US merchants are able to read such cards and it will need many more years until ubiquity exists. Customers might therefore actually doubt the usability of the new technology at all – be it contactless card or NFC phone.

Will this low development of acceptance points kill the idea already in its infancy?

Issuers want to add additional applications for their customers. A university credit card could be used to open doors to faculty and dormitory, to log onto their IT network or to use it as admission ticket for the university sport park.

But Mastercard or Visa will certainly not deal with a universities access control systems. Although the card issuer would like to sell such multiple application cards to the university, he would certainly not want to deal with its implementation.

Would it not simply be the best, to let the university itself add their additional applications into the contactless chip of the credit card or the NFC phone of their students?


Actually, this approach is possible, when following challenges are met:

a) The contactless credit card is issued with space for such additional applications

b) A wide range of compatible applications from different suppliers is available

c) The integration is simple

The presentation show how this is solved with existing off-the-shelf technology:

• How easy a card issuer opened his Visa payWave cards to hundreds of existing applications with virtually no cost.

• How simple the adding of applications is.

• Which benefits and new business cases emerge.


Speaking on November 16

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