ID WORLD International Congress: Maarten Bron

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Maarten Bron

Director Collis Innovations – Collis

Speaks at ID WORLD on Future of Mobile

During his career at Collis, Mr. Bron has developed himself as a leading authority in the field of ‘applied smartcard science’, especially in verticals where smartcards are used for payments (EMV, NFC, contactless payments, e-Ticketing etc.). Mr. Bron has literally trained close to a thousand banking professionals and decision makers worldwide with relevant insights in EMV and NFC, and inspired audiences at numerous conferences and trade shows. Mr. Bron has made significant contributions to the adaptation of EMV globally, and still today remains the trusted advisor to many senior executives of the world’s leading financial institutions that Mr. Bron and his team assisted.

“Mobile proximity payments using NFC: the answer to the top 5 ‘excuses’”

The development and implementation of any payment product typically involves the coordination of many elements, often from a variety of different suppliers and partners. An NFC Mobile Payment solution is no different, and certainly more complex.

As mobile proximity payments using NFC technology are gaining momentum worldwide, it’s easy to get entangled in all the formal rules & regulations which may prevent action or delay decision- making. This is what has been happening for the last couple of years. Many participants of the payment and telecom industries keep on expressing a number of reasons explaining their reluctance to launch an NFC Mobile Payment product. The most common reasons are:

– Mobile proximity payments are expensive to set up

– There are no mobile telephones yet that support mobile proximity payments

– Mobile proximity payments are not safe

– There are no standards yet for the mobile proximity payments eco system

– There is no business case for mobile proximity payments

The real question is “Are these reasons good reasons?” This presentation will look at the main ‘excuses’ often heard in the industry as to why mobile proximity payments using NFC are not yet catching on – not yet there. This presentation will analyse each of those ‘excuses’, and add a touch of realism to them to see what is really true and what is not.


Speaking on November 17

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