ID WORLD International Congress: Maarten Bron

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Maarten Bron

Director Collis Innovations – Collis

Speaks at ID WORLD on Future of Mobile

During his career at Collis, Maarten Bron has developed himself as a leading authority in the field of ‘applied smartcard science’, especially in verticals where smartcards are used for payments (EMV, NFC, contactless payments, e-Ticketing etc.). Mr. Bron has literally trained close to a thousand banking professionals and decision makers worldwide with relevant insights in EMV and NFC, and inspired audiences at numerous conferences and trade shows. Mr. Bron has made significant contributions to the adaptation of EMV globally, and still today remains the trusted advisor to many senior executives of the world’s leading financial institutions that Mr. Bron and his team assisted.


One development in the cards industry that has gained significant momentum over the past years is NFC payments. By loading contactless payment applications in the Secure Element of a NFC enabled handset, consumers will be able to use their handset in a similar way consumers use a contactless payment card for retail spending. Even though NFC payments have been on the drawing board for a number of years now, only recently have relevant standards reached sufficient maturity for the industry to start working on real live implementations of the concept.

However the banking industry is not the only vertical that is aiming to use the capabilities of NFC. Also public transport operators for instance are looking for ways to implement their Automated Fare Collection schemes in NFC handsets. In order to provide consumers with an overview of which functions (‘cards’) are loaded in the Secure Element of their handset, a so called Mobile Wallet application is required. From a consumer’s point of view, the Mobile Wallet is where the secure apps are aggregated and displayed.

Collis’ presentation on Mobile Wallets will focus on the different aspects and challenges regarding wallet deployment. This presentation will provide the audience with the possibilities, do’s and don’ts and best practises. In particular, the following topics will be covered:

•The use of a Mobile Wallet versus native handset applications (e.g. Blackberry, iOS, Android)

•The EMVCo AAUI (Application Activation User Interface) concept

•Secure Element access control (Global Platform, SIM Alliance) in relation to Mobile Wallets

•Examples of Mobile Wallets implementation from around the world



Speaking on November 3

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