ID WORLD International Congress: Mario Pucciarelli

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Mario Pucciarelli

Sales Manager Italy, Spain & Portugal – HID Global

Speaks at ID WORLD on Livestock @ ID WORLD

Mario Pucciarelli is sales manager, Industry and Logistics, for HID Global. With more than 10 years of experience in sales and marketing, Pucciarelli has extensive expertise in identification technologies, having been involved in a wide variety RFID projects, including laundry, supply chain logistics, automation, livestock identification and food traceability.

Since joining the company in 2008, Pucciarelli has held the role sales manager, serving customers in Italy, Spain and Portugal. Prior to joining HID Global, Pucciarelli worked primarily in the Smart Card and Telecommunication sector for Gemalto. He holds a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Università di Pisa and an MBA from Alma Graduate School, Italy.

“Contactless identification for a safe and efficient food supply chain”

Managing a supply chain is a complex exercise. But it becomes even more complex when when we work within or manage a food supply chain. In this case, operations need to be sensitive to perishable goods, strict trade and legal regulations and global scenarios. Use of RFID can assist in addressing these complexities. Specifically, RFID can be a technological enabler able to support the chain operators in reducing costs, enhancing asset visibility and assuring norms compliance. In fact, transponders are used almost everywhere in the food chain, from grapes and livestock to reusable containers and equipment maintenance — and in each of these scenarios RFID technology is enabling efficiencies or information which provides a significant advantage.

In this presentation we will explore some of these applications, commenting on the preferred technology and analyzing the positive impact for industry players. Specific case examples explore the range of applications and highlight quality, ROI and/or security benefits through the phases of food supply chain operation. Featured cases highlight asset tracking and returnable transport items (beer keg tracking, containers), livestock identification, food manufacturing automation, food processing and food equipment maintenance.

Speaking on November 5

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