ID WORLD International Congress: Martin George

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Martin George

CEO – Smart Sensors

Speaks at ID WORLD on ID in Cloud Computing

Martin George is CEO of Smart Sensors Limited, based at the University of Bath’s Innovation Centre. This company is working with various partners to build a new generation of iris recognition biometric ID technology for camera products, handheld terminals and systems. Recent work has focused on the challenges of providing hands-free logical and physical access control to buildings and computing resources, while maintaining low product cost and high human usability factors.

Outside of this, Martin maintains a great interest in sustainable engineering, and in particular in the challenges of meeting the demand for energy and other resources through a new world paradigm of peak oil, emerging markets and population growth – arguably an area closely aligned with security.

Martin has extensive experience of developing business around the incubation and licensing of Intellectual Property and for many years has specialised in engineering technology areas that include auto-id, security, materials and novel energy generation and harvesting, with many blue-chip clients. He holds a Masters degree in Engineering from the University of Cambridge (UK).

“Hey! You! Get off of my cloud!*”

Topics addressed
• Cloud computing: how to authenticate user identity at the point of access;
• Leveraging Social Media platforms for real business opportunities;
• Using biometrics to implement access hierarchies, policy and privacy protection according to the identities and permissions of those present.

Despite the hype around “Cloud Computing”, it offers business opportunities in the tens of billions of Euros. It’s a major enabling component of the new social media craze. But the challenges it presents as people and companies build the security tools that will iron out the “wrinkles” in its deployment are also very significant, if potential breaches of identity and privacy are to be avoided.

With various forms of ID fraud, deception and industrial espionage already prevalent and increasing, corporations, governments and other lucrative prospective users of this class of resource should only sign up if the ID authentication challenge is addressed satisfactorily, AND they understand how it is being addressed.

A key requirement is the need for positive authentication of a user’s identity at the point of access.

This presentation will explore the principles of biometrically enabled middleware that can be exploited to implement the necessary interfaces, authentication procedures, policy controls and audit trails.

We shall also look at high level issues around techniques of revocable biometrics, and how they can be used to protect the biometric identity of an individual.

Speaking on November 18

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